Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Shining City 8x10 oil $150

They tore out a lot of houses near my neighborhood in order to make way for the expansion of a near by university.  As luck would have it, that never happened and so we are left with beautiful grassy hills with lots of shade trees that is kept mowed by our city.  It provides me a wonderful place to paint with out having to go much further than my own back yard.  From there I once caught a beautiful glimpse of my city as billowing clouds filled the sky and the sun began to set.  This is the result.  I put it on my ebay auction this week along with a huge amount of my other paintings ( ebay had a great listing sale )  There are a lot of my daily paintings on the site along w larger works.  my ebay gallery is at  Just for kicks, I put 2 paintings in my gallery on auction for under $10 with no reserve.  find them and bid for a great bargain!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gilcrease Workshop

gettting ready to teach the kiddies all next week at the Gilcrease. I am really looking forward to working with the teens. I love that age. Actually I love all the ages. We are going to be working on landscape, still life and portraits. Hope they can keep up with me :-)

SOLD My Secret Garden

This is my back yard in early summer.  I must admit, I painted this from a photograph as early summer is a battle between actually gardening and painting in the garden.  Thank heaven for cameras to capture what you can't get to.  I just posted this in my ebay auction site.This is on auction this week as I take advantage of ebay's great listing sale.   Almost everything else in my ebay gallery is on auction this week ( over 80 paintings )  See if you can find the 6x6 painting with the starting bid of $10. My ebay site....

Friday, June 18, 2010

SOLD! One in my Oklahoma Sky series

Out in Oklahoma we can all lay claim to some of the most beautiful skies in the world. This is one in a series of sky paintings that I am working on.  There are several of them on my ebay auction .  Feel free to go check them out here  I have started the auctions at $39 w no reserve or if you wish to buy it now, please make an offer of at least $80.  If you would like to check out my DVDs, my Book on oil painting, go to my etsy store 

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Notes for drawing the human head

Measuring the Human Head
Many artists use measuring of one form or another during the process of drawing or painting the human head.  We will begin with some of the basic measuring rules that exist in a majority of human heads.  Remember, each face is different and these rules need to be checked if you are trying to obtain a likeness
1.  The eyes are placed in the middle of the face (not to be confused with the middle of the head)
2.  The face can be divided into 3rds.  Chin to bottom of nose, nose to brow, brow to hairline.
3.  There is a distance of one eye between the eyes and enough room for almost a full eye on either side of the face from the outside edge of your eyes.
4.  If you dropped a line straight down from the inside corner of the eye, you would run into the outside edge of the nose.
5.  If you dropped a line straight down from the middle of the pupil, you would run into the outside edge of the lip.
6.  The hair on top and side of the face has bulk.  If you are drawing a portrait of a person with hair you will add at least the distance of one eye to the top and both sides of the face.
7.  You should draw the head life size or smaller as slightly larger than life may seem monstrous to the viewer.
8.  Life size of human face is aprox. The same size as the span of the human hand.

The Drawing Process

1.  Measure the span of your hand and put a mark at the top (forehead) and the bottom (chin)
2.  Divide the span into 3rds and mark the thirds
3.  Look at your model.  Are her brows at 1/3rd?  Is her nose at 1/3rd?  Adjust the mark to fit the model.
4.  Measure your model’s eye
5.  See how many times the model’s eye measurement fits into the space from the chin to the forehead. (Let’s say it is 6 times)
6.  Find a measurement that will go between your forehead and chin marks 6 times.  This is the size that the eye will be on your drawing.  Make a note of it on a straight piece of scrap paper.  You will use this measurement to measure everything on your drawing.  If your model is a photograph you will also mark on this paper the actual size of the eye from the photo.  (write the word photo next to one of the marks and drawing next to the other)  Working from life you will use the tip of your paintbrush and fingernail to mark the distance of the eye, always holding your arm straight without bending the elbow when measuring the actual model. 
7.  Using your eye measuring stick, mark the distance in eyes from the chin to the forehead.
8. Let’s say that you notice that your model’s eye is located 5 ½ eyes from the chin.  Count 5 ½ eyes up from the chin and place the mark for your first eye.  You know how big to make this eye as you have it on your measuring paper.  Now mark the other side of the first eye. 
9.  You are on your way.  You can now see where to put the 2nd eye by seeing how many eyes fit between your model’s two eyes.  You can see how far out from the eye does the side of the hair begin, how far out does the hair go?  How wide is the nose? How far up do I put the brow?
10.  You can also employ some of the tricks I talked about above such as checking to see if your model’s lips are directly under the pupil or a little less or more.  Does their nose span the distance between their eyes? 
11.  The trickiest thing is to not get the two marks on your measuring stick mixed up.  You will use “photo” measurement to only measure on the photo and “drawing” to only measure on the drawing. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tips on Painting a Still Life from my Videos and Book

Notes for a Still Life Workshop

Setting up a Still Life.1. Put objects together that might normally be seen together (or not)
2. Keep it balanced
a. Remember that cast shadows and color intensity are part of the balancing act.
b. Use a variety of objects (large, small, short, tall etc)
c. Think about what colors might look good together. Opposites in the color wheel are an easy and sure bet. Opposites work well to form a uniform composition, for example, orange may be used to grey your blue objects when you want to create a shadow side and blue may be used to create shadow on orange.

Abstract Design
1. Begin with a viewfinder or create one with your hands.
a. Lightly sketch abstract shapes and lines. Use a little paint and lots of turp as you should expect to erase as you refine your composition. (Using a clean brush and turp)
2. Give a little thought to your focal point.
a. Decide what to leave in, move around or take out.
b. Avoid putting your focal point in the middle.
a. A focal point is a place where one or more of the following elements exist: 1. The most detailed or interesting object. 2. The lightest light next to the darkest dark 3. Side by side opposites. ( blue/orange red/green violet/yellow)
c. Allow objects to leave the painting area in at least 3 places. Make good use of the painting surface. (Don’t put all the stuff in the middle of your canvas with nothing on the edges)
Your beginning idea in abstract form may look something like this.

Firm up The Drawing
1. Make sure containers are symmetrical
2. Check the ellipse on containers. Top ellipse should be similar to bottom
3. Pay special attention to your focal point. Draw it really well.
4. No need to draw each pedal on flowers. Leave that area vacant.

Add Color1. Block in all local colors first (the main color you see when you look at the object. This is usually a medium value and painted as a solid mass like if you were coloring in a coloring book. The only thing not painted solidly are groupings of flowers and leaves. Lay those in transparently with soft edges. Firm them up in the last stage.

2. Add darks, then lights and then highlights (in this order) You have already painted in the medium values in the block in stage and they may or may not need further work. You may have to repaint the medium values when you are trying to create a transition area between the dark/meium or light/medium.
a. Ask yourself “ Where is the lightest light and darkest dark. Compare all other values to them.
b. Squint a lot when comparing but keep your eyes open when applying paint.
c. Use the biggest brush you can for the size of object you are painting.
d. Make your brush strokes interesting, going up, down across, diagonal using the sides of the brush rather then the point unless working on detailed areas.
3. Pay attention to where edges disappear (where one dark value meets another or medium value meets medium or light meets light.)

Applying thick paint is the last stage to be
used in the lightest areas only. Brush is
almost flat and parallel to the surface of the canvas

Finished Painting

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cool Route 66 T Shirts designed by yours truely

Once upon a time my mom, then a spry 23 year old, traveled from NY to California along that great highway, Route 66. She stopped in the desert to take a picture of a cacti that looked like it was kicking up his leg. She had her pal take a shot of her being kicked. That is her, doing the hand stand. Very cute! I have sizes sm, med, lg in Black and extra large women's in Pink and and teens large in Pink.( that one would work as a women's small as well )

They all have, what I believe are called cap sleeves, kind of 1/2 sleeve except for the teens shirt. They are all a cotton,spandex mix with just the right amount of stretch and softness. They are also longer than your typical t shirt.

Please excuse my lousy picture taking. The caption on the T shirt reads I'm still gettin' my kicks! It is   quite readable in real life:-) If you would like to own one please click here to go to my etsy store.

Coffee Cup Series

I am so thankful for the daily painter group. Because of them I have been having such fun doing these small paintings. I have a series of irises, peaches, cakes, pears, coffee cups.... the list goes on. What fun! Anyways these little paintings can be purchased directly through me $80 ea or go to my etsy store, or my ebay store where you can also see some of my larger pieces and some really cool route 66 T shirts that I just designed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peaches and Pears ( Pears SOLD! )

I have been painting as fast as I can to get ready for an upcoming show in my city, Blue Dome Arts Festival that runs concurrently with Mayfest . Thank God I got in the habit of these wonderful small paintings through the daily painting group. They are such fun to paint and I love the way they look when hung in a group. I have a bunch of them for auction on my ebay site and for sale in my etsy store . Anything not sold before, will go to the Mayfest show. On a side note, I also have a piece that just got into the Richard Schmid Art Auction. to bid on that piece, click here. As always, if you would like to keep caught up on what I am doing, buy my book or video tapes, you may do so here on my blog
Come and see me at the Blue Dome Arts Festival May 14-18.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Peach / Pear Series

I have been working on a series of 6x6 paintings that I will display at an upcoming festival in May. I got started doing these after reading about the daily painting idea.  Since then I have had a great time painting these little paintings and have been able to make a decent living doing so.  I love the idea as it makes it affordable for anyone to start collecting original art.  These little peaches and pears make me feel happy when I look at them and they look great in my own kitchen till someone comes along and buys them.  If interested in purchasing, please write to me.  I don't know that I will post these on ebay as I am trying to gather a nice group of them for the festival but would be happy to sell them to anyone interested in them.  They are $99each and you can purchase directly from me by writing to artistswaygallery ( at )  I will send a pay pal request if interested in purchase.  Please do feel free to visit my ebay gallery for my large paintings at   I do have an instructional book and several videos for sale at both sites

Monday, April 05, 2010

SOLD! Still Life with Lemons 6x6 oil on canvas by Aycock

I've been playing around with old canvases. Cutting them down to 6x6 stretched, repainting portions and then framing in bright little frames. This one looks great in the little red, deep frame. It is on my ebay auction starting at $47 with no reserve. my site is at
Happy Bidding.
Find more about my work at

Monday, March 22, 2010

SOLD !You can have your cake and eat it too! 6x6 oil


My friend, Louise came over the other night, bearing cake. She left us with a healthy share. Just before dividing the piece for our lunch, I thought ..." hmmm ... this might be fun to paint." and IT WAS! I had fun putting on the frosting.... just as if I were actually frosting it. I loved the painting and the eating of this wonderful cake... now I would love the selling... I will post this on auction on ebay in a couple of minutes. Will start low with no reserve or you can buy it directly from me for $99 if there are no bids. my ebay site is htttp:// or you may purchase here.

Oh, I can include a great frame for an extra $15.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oklahoma Vineyard SOLD!

I was working with one of my adult students today and she pulled out a photo of a painting that I had done years ago that she loved, an Oklahoma Vineyard. She asked me to show her how I did it and I guided her through the process using a 6x6 canvas ( I was working with one of my adult students today and she pulled out a photo of a painting that I had done years ago that she loved, an Oklahoma Vineyard. She asked me to show her how I did it and I guided her through the process using a 6x6 canvas ( the original was 16x20 and was a bit different than this one ) Anyways after a few hours she went home with a painting she loved and I got to experiment with a new product ( the masonite canvas ) and went away with a little mini painting that I loved. If you would like to purchase it you may, for $99 or take your chances on my ebay auction... I am starting it at $49. ( my ebay gallery ) If you want to find out more about my work, order an instructional DVD or my new book, check out my blog at

New Book on the Way

I am very excited to have just written my first book on Painting the Impressionist Still Life in Oil. It will be for sale through my websites and on amazon and createspace next week! For those of you who can't find the time to take one of my classes or are too far away, this is a great learning tool. I packed everthing I know about painting the still life into this book. There are tons of color illustrations and photos throughout. The book retails for $23. I will have a clickable link to the book and pay pal by next week.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

( first one SOLD )Blue Dome Art Festival ( Mayfest ) Tulsa, Street Performer,Margaret Aycock

This is one in a short series of Street Performers that I am working on. They are fun, and bright and warm me up! Each is 8x10 oil on stretched, wrapped canvas and are on my ebay auction starting at $149 or buy it now for $225. If you love the auction process, jump on in, the water's fine! If not, contact me for sale ( if there are no bids ) at artistswaygallery ( at)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blue Dome Art Festival Street Performer

It is as cold as the dickens out here in Oklahoma and we are expecting to get another 3 inches of snow.  What better way to warm up than gather up last year's photos of Tulsa's Mayfest and Blue Dome Art Festival.  I have been working on several little 8x10 oil paintings of these street performers.  What fun!
This one is on ebay right now on action.  You can check out my ebay gallery at or my etsy store at

Sunday, January 24, 2010

9 days in the life of a daily painter, Margaret Aycock

I have been painting these little 6x6 oils on canvas for the last several days getting ready for a valentines show at that gallery that represents me here in Tulsa. Anyone wishing to purchase one or a group please contact me before the show. I take these in later this week . They will sell for $100 each through the gallery. Make me an offer for a group!.... artistswaygallery(at)

feel free to visit my etsy store at or my ebay store at and last but not least... my blog at

Friday, November 13, 2009

SOLD! Fairy Princess 16x20 oil on canvas by Margaret Aycock

Well I usually post my little 6x6 daily paintings ( check my ebay auction) but We just finished this little 16x20 painting in my class. I usually use a master painting as a jumping off point and allow my students to get creative while learning glazing and measuring techniques. I just added this painting to my ebay store and put it on auction there yesterday. click here to visit my ebay site I also have several paintings on etsy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dogwood by Margaret Aycock

I usually like to paint flowers transparently first and then work with opaque paint. For this painting I tried only using opaque paint and I really like the way it turned out. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to achieve the appearance of a transparent paper thin petal without transparent paint.... so I guess I was wrong. I have this in my ebay store along with many other daily paintings. Just click on the daily painting tab after going to my store at I also have some instructional DVDs there ( I teach adult painting workshops ) and lots of full size oil paintings.

Monday, October 26, 2009

TORNADO SKY Daily Painting by Margaret Aycock 6x6 on canvas

I never have to look far for inspiration here in Oklahoma. I need only look up. We have amazing skies out here and yes, I have experienced a tornado or two. Here is one… you have to paint really quick when doing a tornado painting…. Only kidding  I have more sky paintings in my ebay gallery and often put them on auction. This one is on auction this week.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Sky on the Prairie 6x6 oil on canvas by Margaret Aycock

This is one of my little sky paintings. The size is 6x6 and is an oil painting on stretched canvas. I love the idea of daily painting. What a great, affordable way to start collecting art and keeping our artists painting..... a win win for everyone. Right now I have a great collection of my series of local musicians hanging on my kitchen wall. I used to have some sky paintings there but dang it, people kept buying them :-) They are pretty and fun to paint. If you want to purchase this one you may do so here. It costs $99 with $5 for shipping. If you want to see more of my work click here to go to my ebay store. To find out more about me and my work click here to go to my blog

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yellow Sky

This is one in a series of little sky paintings that I have been working on. I live in Oklahoma and one thing about Oklahoma is that there is an endless supply of beautiful skies here. I live near the Tall Grass Prairie and many of these little paintings depict the landforms that exist there... mostly flat. If you want to see more of these little paintings keep an eye on my ebay store at where you can bid on this painting or contact me for purchase price. To find out more about my work click on my blog at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampire Cure 6x6 Daily Painting oil on canvas, garlic

I suggest hanging this little painting in the place where you feel you might experience the most trouble with vampires... I find the kitchen is the perfect place in my house, I have had this little painting hanging in my kitchen all week and have noticed the place is vampire free. I will give it up if need be as I can always paint another one as I have plenty of volunteers for models that I grew in my garden this year. I have this on auction this week on ebay starting at $45. If you would like to buy it now you may contact me and pay full price at $99. with $5 shipping
To go to my ebay store and bid click here ebayTo find out more about me and my work click here blog

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Pair of Pairs. Oil on 6x6 canvas by Margaret Aycock

Both of these are listed on ebay this week.  If you want to take your chances and have some fun bidding you can check them out there by clicking here..   They were a fun little exersise and they kind of remind me of Christmas... They are both oil on stretched canvas and are 6x6.  If you want to find out more about my work or purchase an instructional DVD check out my blog at

Monday, October 05, 2009

more oklahoma musicians

Being the mom and wife of musicians I have taken on painting them and their fellow musicians. They are all from Oklahoma and of course they are all amazing. The one I have posted here is fionna forte. The others are available as well but I may need to paint a copy for you if you choose one of my own sons :-) as I am a little bit attached to them. Anyways I have several more of the little ones on ebay right now as well as some 6x6 florals. The price on this one is $99 and shipping is FREE ! My ebay store is to find out more about me and my work check out my blog at I am working on a new site for young musicians called digital tip jar. you can check it out and listen to music from some of the musicians here ( my sons as of right now... just started the site )" method="post">" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">