Monday, December 30, 2013

After a Walk in the Woods

We took a nice walk in the woods two days ago when it was about 55 degrees out and then worked on this the next day when it didn't get above freezing.  Surprisingly we found a tree full of persimmons long after the season was over.  Every tree in the woods was totally vacant of persimmons EXCEPT one and it was absolutely full of them.  We have had several hard frosts and an ice storm which should have cleared every tree.  Don't know how this one held on so long.  Anyways the persimmons, having been through those extreme weather conditions, had turned a very interesting shade of blue, almost like a blueberry.  I just had to bring some home to paint.  Later in the day we found a tree that had dropped a bunch of acorns too and the squirrels hadn't found them yet.  I have been meaning to try to make some acorn flour and these were so big and meaty that I couldn't resist.  When I started to make the acorn meal and boil it, it smelled just like molasses.  I called my husband in and asked, " what does this smell like?"  to which he replied, " Molasses."  I am excited to try some bread made from this flour.  Perhaps a loaf of banana persimmon bread is in order.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Now and Then

The photo shows what my pretty lilac bush looks like right now.  The painting is what it looked like this summer in all its glory.  Hopefully it will spring back after all this ice melts off of it.  It was about 12' tall.  and today its leaning self is barely off the ground :-(
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aceo trading cards

One of my ebay buyers ordered a few of these and so I tried my hand at them last week.  Turns out they are really fun to paint.  I put these 3 on ebay today.  There is no reserve on the auction.  Each one is hand painted in oil on an aceo trading card.
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Friday, December 20, 2013

ACEO cards

What fun!  one of my ebay buyers just requested a couple of artist trading cards.  I had never considered doing one before but went to my local art store ( Zieglers ) and they hooked me up.  Since I bought a pack of these little trading cards I suspect I will be doing some more of them.  These two were a lot of fun and I do so love immediate gratification ( these didn't take too long to complete )
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Church and Lunch in the Woods

We got up early on Sunday and went for a little foraging trip to the woods.  We found a couple different eatable mushrooms ( which were delicious ), some poor man's pepper, greenbriar, and buckbrush ( we weren't that hungry ) and some delicious ground cherries.  Yummy!
Wood ears ( brown jelly like ) Oyster mushrooms ( gills run under the cap and down stem)
Buck Brush
Greenbriar ( climbs, has tendrails )Some are used like a root crop, try digging them, first through the stickers, then they are tough to get out of the ground, cook like potatoes or you can make flour from them by chopping up and adding to water to later collect the starch in the bottom of the water for flour.
Ground Cherry ( has a little lantern like husk, bright orange fruit delicious
upside down oyster mushroom on willow
poor man's pepper ( best when green )
wood ears

Saturday, December 14, 2013

SOLD! Pre Raphaelite Girl in the Woods

Chief Standing Pear 6x6 oil

What could be more festive than a green pear on red and white striped cloth? ..... a second or third green pear on red and white striped cloth.  This guy's brother and sister are on auction in my ebay gallery right now for a song and No Reserve!  6x6 oil on canvas.  Cute!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One of my Favorites

This is a painting of summer roses from my garden.  I brought them in and set them on the kitchen table.  I am not much for red and orange together... or so I thought... but I loved the two colors together as the roses were against  my terracotta wall.
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Monday, December 09, 2013

'Tis the Season for Demo/Study Sale on Ebay

'Tis the season.... To put a lot of affordable studies, demos on ebay auction.  This is a little study of my great niece, Avery as she walks in the woods.  It is on auction w no reserve starting at $39.  It is 11x14 oil on canvas.
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Setting up for our Big Art Sale. What fun we had this weekend!

What a lovely morning and afternoon we had as did those who braved the snow and ice to join us.  Nothing nicer than a house filled with happy voices of sweet girlfriends, guy friends and our patrons. 
Thanks to all who came. 
Unfortunately our house concert musical artists were unable to join us as they were coming from Dallas and had gone only 10 miles in two hours and had to turn back.  That was the bad news.... The good news, an acquaintance was opening a restaurant downtown in the evening and so we took our little party downtown following the show and scarfed down free snacks and drinks followed by a new hand craftsman ( woman) / whiskey tasting group event in the neighborhood. 

Friday, December 06, 2013

Holiday Sale


We're in the middle of a snow and ice storm here so I am thinking of gardening and summer weather to keep me warm.  I am also gearing up to open the studio tomorrow for a big sale.  I have invited some of my favorite artsy people to bring their wares as well and we are all inviting our buyers, friends and family to join us for a cup of tea, a snack and an artsy afternoon.  The painting above is one of many that will be for sale at my house.  Can't make it across the country?  check out my ebay auction instead.  To visit my ebay gallery/auctions click here

You Oklahoma folks who want to get out on the roads tomorrow, ( our street looks pretty good already ) we would love to see you.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fables and Fairy Tales

I finished this a little earlier this year.  It has kind of a magical quality to it. There are elements of all kinds of fables and fairy tales in it.  It also includes a crystal ball with my own town in it.... Tulsa.
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