Friday, March 29, 2013


I usually painting in oils but doing these little mini paintings of musicians called for acrylics as there was really no blending on these pieces, just application of paint, side by side.  I have just completed 2 series of these paintings and these were left overs.... I chose different photos of these artists to use in the final paintings..  Anyways I decided to do something fun on ebay and start the auction at $37 with the winning bid getting to choose which painting they wished to buy.  If you want to bid or if you would like to visit my other auctions click here

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Have your Cake and Eat it Too! aprons

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You have to paint these things really quick as they get brown almost as soon as you cut them... That means you finish your painting before dinner and add the avocado to your favorite salad ... which I will do :-)
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A day in the life of a portrait lesson

This is a sampling of our work, mid project at TCC.  I think it is interesting to see all the different takes on the same photo.  We use a photo as a jumping off point and change anything we want.  Fun!  Mine will be on ebay soon.  See the photo attached to the middle painting.


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Monday, March 25, 2013

SOLD! A Spooky Girl

Buyenlarge 06590-7P2030 The Aw (Google Affiliate Ad)Pre Raphaelite like painting.... I call it " The Good Witch"  I don't know.... I was demonstrating portrait painting to my class around Halloween and got into a spooky mood.  This one is on auction this week for a very low start price of $75 for a 16x20 original oil!
 I combined the bottom two photos and added a few of my own touches

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Community Garden in my Neighborhood

I love my neighborhood.  This is what I did on my very cold Saturday.... I helped 40 of my neighbors turn an empty lot into a garden.  We had 2 huge truck loads of manure delivered, tons of leaves and mulch, and cardboard were also delivered.... we made a layer cake of 1st, cardboard, manure, leaves and woodchip mulch.  We created  berms around our fruit trees ( planted 2 years ago ) too.  We had invited a permaculture guy who helped us and guided us.  The neighbors directly across the street fed us all a great lunch... they were thinking maybe 10 or 15 people might show up and rose to the occasion of 40 of us.  Someone else took care of hot coffee and breakfast snacks earlier.  I brought over some nice dry firewood and another neighbor brought some pinon wood and we built a beautiful bonfire to warm us in the drizzle. 
 along this picket fence grows blackberries
 see our cute pavilion in the back ground?
 young folks pitched right in with us
 my bonfire is just getting rolling
almost done... time for lunch

Friday, March 22, 2013

Red Roses

Sister painting to the one on auction this week through ebay.  This one is in my ebay gallery as well.  Check them out... click here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

more pennies ( dimes and dollars ) from heaven

Well the other day I was feeling overwhelmed by some pretty big rental house needed a new roof, the house next door needed to have the sewer snaked and the rental house my son and I own together, needed a MAJOR sewer repair that involves a $5000 street cut!  Anyways, those who know me, know I have this little theory, superstition, that folks on the other side who love us, send us a message of love and hope by leaving pennies on the ground for us to find.  So I get out of my car at the grocery store and what do I find, but a dime.  At my next stop, I get out of the car and what do I find, but another dime!  Well I put up a " Thanks for the encouragement to Jesus, Dad, Grandma and Beverly and went on my way.  I told Scott what had happened.  As unluck would have it, Scott was having an equally bad day.  When he arrived home very late after doing the radio show he threw something in my lap.  He said " This is what I found when I got out of my car at the station. "  It was a wadded up DOLLAR!... I told him of course that it was a message the he too was greatly loved and that he should put out a " message received to Jesus, Grandma Inez and Grandpa Parker. :-)  We are still muddling through but the refrain from the old Bob Marley song, " Every little thing's gonna be alright... " is echoing through our brains :-)

Mayfest Fiddler 8x10 oil

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big auction this week on ebay

I will try to post a painting a day this week as almost every painting in my online gallery is on auction this week in order to raise $$ for a new roof and a new sewer line :-(  .  So if you have had your eye on one of my pieces and it was just out of reach for you, chances are it is within reach this week.  Many are priced less than 1/2 price and some real bargains at less than $40
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Magic Age

If you leave a painting too long in the artist's hands, she is going to end up changing something.  This painting was in the studio and got moved to above the fireplace a couple of months ago.  The longer I looked at it the more something bothered me.  It is great to see your painting with fresh eyes.  Anyways, after working out the problems in my head, I decided it was time to work them out in person.  The stripe on the ball was formerly way to bright and took a lot of attention. ( bad )  The boxes right behind the doll were too dark and needed to be brightened and lightened just a hair in order that the painting become more balanced.  So here is the new piece.  I will look at it a while longer and see if there are any more changes due before re hanging... Now I am thinking one bright marble on the box might just be the ticket :-)  Oh, I almost forgot.... I just put this on sale on ebay for one week.... at 50% off.  What a steal!  One of my favorite paintings.  I have about 6 others on 50% off sale too.  to view and enter into my ebay gallery click here

Friday, March 08, 2013

SOLD! Peaches and Cream 6x6 oil

I reworked this little 6x6 last week and posted to ebay with a very low starting bid and no reserve.  I actually have a couple of peach paintings on auction this week.  Both end in one day.  to bid click here
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Friday, March 01, 2013

China and Art

Well the word on the street is that the art market is being effected by Chinese pretenders.  It has probably been going on for quite a while now and I have been unaware of it.  I have long been aware of the icky "hotel, motel" art that pops up from time to town in traveling convention like sales that sell mass produced oil paintings but now these things are cropping up on ebay and some of them, at first glance, look pretty good. 

A recent drop in sales on ebay has caused me to go looking for the reason why.  Here is what I found.  Lots of very very cheep art produced  in China.  We can't even buy the canvas at the price that some of these "original" work is selling for.... sometimes only a dollar.   From my research on the net and through a personal, well known, artist, friend, apparently, not only is this stuff cheep, it is often stolen from us and reproduced!  My artist friend discovered ugly knock off bronzes that were coming out of China years ago that looked very similar to her own ( only not well made and the faces were unattractive).  They had the gall to even sign her name to the work.  I ran across others in the USA with similar experiences through the internet. 

I hope those of you who purchase art will forgo the cheep imitations coming out of China, and continue to support 'real' artists, working hard in this and other countries around the world.  Many of us work very hard at our craft, spend years honing our skills only to have our hard work stolen and reproduced in China and then sold right back here in the states.  Thanks for reading my little rant.