Friday, January 11, 2008

DVD Margaret Aycock Paints Reflective and Transparent Objects

Hot off the presses... This is my new Instructional DVD. In this DVD I show the process of painting a still life with both reflective and transparent objects. I will discuss set up including some money saving tips on supplies. For this class I will also tell you that I am using Winsor Newton student grade paints ( Winton ) They work great and are relatively inexpensive. I order directly from If you would like my pallet list just write and I will send to you. I will talk about diffent ways to hold your brush for different effects, paint mixing, composition, abstract design, drawing tricks, measuring and much more. I am filming this in my adult class. Lots of great information... lots of fun. PS the music in the beginning and at each break is from my son's CD, "Life's Ladder" to listen to the CD....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SOLD...A Day at the Beach 6"x6" oil daily paintings

I did this during the big ice storm in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. Didn't post it then because we were out of power for 1 1/2 weeks. It was actually nice painting during the time of day where the sun shone into my kitchen to warm me and I had my little wood stove cranked up just a few feet away. Life is good, even during an ice storm! I think this little painting warmed me up a bit too. Nothing like being on the beach in the middle of winter. I have this posted this week on auction at my ebay site. If it doesn't sell on auction this week ( auction starts at $39 ) the price will jump to my usual $99 for a 6x6 oil on stretched canvas. Click HERE to go directly to my ebay gallery.