Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Fridays in Tulsa

Scott and I will be spending a portion of our Thanksgiving getting ready for a First Friday Show at the AHHA downtown.  They have opened their space to all the different folks who are under the umbrella of the Arts and Humanities Council.  Scott and I wear many hats and two of them involve the council.  Scott's baby, "House Concerts Unlimited," and mine, " The Art and Healing Program at Hillcrest."  Come by and check out our tables and get updates on upcoming shows.  Of course, both programs would love to receive a monetary donation from you as both programs run on a shoestring.  Our fingers are crossed for continued support of the Art and Healing program from the wonderful doctors at Hillcrest. 
We have 3 concerts coming up in December.  Check them out on
A couple of them will be held at our house and one is too big so it will be at the Woody Guthrie Center.  Hope to see some of you out for those events.

A new look at an old series

I just took a new series to the gallery and got this grouping back.  I like how these all look together but happily sell them separately :-)  I just posted them all for sale on auction through ebay yesterday.  To bid or just to browse my ebay gallery, click here

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Louise's Choclolate Cake

Guaranteed to not add a pound to your weight or an inch to your waistband.  It is that time of year again.  No, not the time to eat cake.... well maybe a little cake wouldn't hurt.... but the time for me to put a bunch of daily paintings on auction for holiday giving.  This is one of my favorites.  I left you a slice :-)
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Peter Piper Picked and Painted a Peck of Persimmons

I am working on some small pieces for an upcoming show at Doran Gallery and at our annual Holiday sale at my house.  I am painting as quick as I can and eating persimmons to keep up my strength :-)  If you would like an official invite to the house sale, let me know and I will send one right out to your email.  Love to see some of you.  Going to have about 8 or so artists selling their work... jewelers, basket weavers, knitters, as well...

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Monday, November 18, 2013

finished painting of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Fidelite

Praying for a good harvest and giving thanks for God's mercies

Sketching at Oxley Nature Center

It was beat the clock.... I love this low sun but when the gloaming comes around the light pops off in a mater of seconds.  We only had about 45 minutes to get down some of the important elements, color shapes, etc.  I think I have something to work with though.

A walk down a woodland path

This was painted after visiting Provence, France.  Our favorite exchange student ( daughter ) Katharina met us there for several days.  This was painted from a photo of she and my husband walking down a path in the woods next to a convent where we stayed.
11x14 Oil on stretched and back stapled canvas.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Approaching Storm 6x6 oil

Nothing like a storm on the ocean after you have driven 30 hours to get there for vacation. grrrr... It is a great time to take some dramatic photos to be used later for paintings though... silver lining...
This family seems to be discussing if they should leave now... or should have left 15 minutes ago.
I just put this little daily painting on ebay for auction.  Check it out and feel free to cruse through my ebay gallery for more auction original oil paintings.  Happy Bidding!
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pre Raphaelite Girl with her Cat by Margaret Aycock

Somehow cats keep popping up magically in my paintings these days.  I lost my sweet little kitty cat a few month ago and I guess she is still in my mind.  Anyways this was a class assignment and of course I don't want to be left out so I always paint with the class... I demonstrated techniques along the way.  I am loving what the class is doing with this.  One did a draped nude with a panther laying next to her and one is holding a baby bear.  Fun.  ( notice how lazy I am.... hiding that hand under the cat :-).  My excuse is time is of the essence in class and I didn't have time to devote to it.  booohahaha....Anyways this one is on auction on ebay right now.  To bid and visit my ebay gallery click here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just ran across this link to Jesse Aycock Playing for This Land Press

Jesse performs for This Land Magazine... Click Here

My student's self portraits... Love them!

Violin with Moon Flowers

To Purchase

 My friend and excellent luthier, Jacob Mehlhouse, ( Tulsa Strings )  gave me this blank to paint.  The price for the violin includes a fully completed instrument, strung and ready to play.  Please allow time for Jacob to put all the parts together.  Shipping will occur only after completion.  I was inspired by the blooming moon flowers outside in my garden.  They seem like a musical, magical flower, blooming just as it begins to get dark, filling the air with a sweet perfume.  It is my hope that the one who purchases this instrument will also fill the air with the sweet perfume of your music.  Got a different design in mind?  Let me know and we will work with you on a custom instrument. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photos from my Plein Air Workshop

I recently lead a workshop on painting en plein air  This is one of the sketches that I completed in the morning hour.  I put it on auction this morning on ebay.  Click to visit my ebay auction

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Red Roses on Terracotta

Normally I wouldn't think I would like a composition in mostly reds and oranges but I brought roses in from the garden and being in a hurry to capture them on canvas, set them up in my kitchen which has light terracotta walls.  I really liked how the roses looked against that color.  This painting is on auction this week on ebay.  If you are interested in bidding or visiting my other auctions, click here

Friday, November 01, 2013

Patrice Pike at our house concert this weekend. RSVP

http://houseconcertsunlimited.comPatrice Pike

Deer in an Oklahoma Forest

My husband went camping w a friend and told me about finding this out of the way wilderness campsite where the deer were so tame they just kind of hung around.  He took me there last year and wouldn't you know, just as he said, we pulled in and there was a heard of deer there which hung around long enough for me to snap some great photos to use later.  This painting is on sale on ebay right now.  To bid click here  I am celebrating a 777 positive feedback score w new paintings on auction each day this week.  Clicking above will lead you into my ebay gallery as well.