Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wagon Race Girls

This is a little painting I did after attending a wagon race in Oklahoma.  We just happened upon it on a Sunday drive. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Gathering Herbs

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This painting started out by using a master work as a jumping off point.  Originally this girl was in a cathedral or castle and holding something totally different.  Since I like being outside and in the woods, and I like foraging, I thought I would put her there as well.  She has been out gathering greens for tonight's supper.  Can you see the fiddle heads?  The dandelion leaves?  Anyways she is actually residing above the fireplace in my house but would be happy to move to yours... To bid, click above.  It will take you to my ebay auction and also give you access to my online Ebay Gallery, Store.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Where to find inspiration

I think you find inspiration best when you are not actually looking for it.  It is best found when you keep an open mind and when an idea presents itself, instead of saying, "well that's not really my thing." just stop a minute and ask yourself if you might want to give it a try.  Sometimes, of course the answer is 'No' but every now and then when you say 'yes' powerfully and step into the moment, you find your new joy or new direction.  Here are a few things that presented themselves in that way to me.
1.  Tulsa Artist Coalition had a 5x5 fundraiser.  They supplied the canvas and asked you to paint on it or create something w those dimensions.  I had never painted small, nor did I have any desire to do so.  Here is what happened after accepting that challenge:
   1.  I loved it.  I could paint something that didn't take all day and had a beautiful resulting painting which of course, sold in their sale.
   2.  I joined an online daily painting group which inspired me further as I saw what others were doing.
   3.  I began to fill my kitchen wall w daily paintings which changed often as...
   4.  sales increased in my ebay gallery.
   5.  I found that my little photos of beach figures transferred perfectly to the snapshot size of a 6x6.
   6.  My students loved trying out the same thing.
   7.  I got a commission from an ebay buyer for even smaller paintings and discovered the idea of 'art cards' which were trading card size.
   8.  I got multiple commissions for clients who wished for me to paint from their own beach photos.  Below is one of the finished paintings.

2.  I went to France and stayed in an abby where an old friend is a sister.  I got to paint the beautiful countryside in Provence where the convent was. While there I met a French woman with a hideous painting on the side of her mini van.  With the help of a translator she asked if I could paint something on the side of her van to cover up that painting.  I tried to get out of it every which way and finally agreed to cover the old with a painting of Provence.  I had done several sketches prior to that so had some things to work from as well as looking out over the olive grove where the van was parked.  It had been 30 years since I had worked in acrylics and I gave it the old college try.  It turned out great and she was so pleased.  Now I can say I have a traveling show in France ! ha ha...Actually after that, I got tons of hits on my ebay site and blog from France as I am sure she shared the story of her new painting where ever she went.

3.  One of my students wanted to do a painting of umbrellas in the rain and brought in a file morgue photo to work from.  I didn't much like it and rearranged the figures and decided to try something out of the ordinary with it and try to create a real atmosphere of a rainy day.  It was very impressionistic as there were lots of lost edges as I drug the brush across well painted umbrellas and figures.  ( that is a jump for me as I want to work towards a painterly way of painting but my brain keeps wanting to paint things w perfect edges)  This idea gave me the push I needed to make the jump.  I have since been inspired to paint some cityscapes in the rain from my own town.  Finishing two that have both won entry into recent shows.

4.  Seeing the cityscapes and wanting something in that vein for his drum head, my son asked me to paint on his drum head ( the big one that you use a foot pedal for )  He also liked my big sky paintings.  My other son suggested a tornado. ( we are from Oklahoma, remember?)  Unable to decide, I told him I would surprise him.  I combined a rainy Tulsa with an approaching tornado.  I figured it would be perfect... his city, pitter patter drum/rain beats, and an approaching loud, exciting storm.
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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Blooming Vetch

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I took a walk with my pup way down into a  hollow that spread out into a beautiful field the other day.  The temperature was perfect, there was every kind of wild flower blooming.  I even spotted a deer and watched while she considered if I was a friend or foe.  She decided to lean toward the safe side and got up from her hiding place and made it across the field and into the woods.  I thought it was such a beautiful place and the weather was perfect that I decided to  hike back up the hill and go get my painting supplies and come back  I completed two little sketches that I am very pleased with.  They both feature the 'weed,' vetch which turned the ground to a pretty violet where ever it sprang.

Monday, June 01, 2015

It was too pretty to pass up...

It was too pretty today to pass up an opportunity to paint.  I took my dog for a walk down on the back 40 and then decided that the weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect, the birds were singing and so we hiked back to the car, went home, got painting supplies and hiked back down to paint.  A beautiful day