Friday, May 31, 2013

Peach on striped cloth

to bid
The last week of class I had spare time and decided to do a little study while my class worked on finishing up their projects.  This is on ebay right now.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did I tell you I have a Traveling Exhibit in France?

hahahah!  A french lady staying at the guest house asked if I could paint over a hideous painting of palm trees that she has put up with for years on her van.  I tried to tell her that it really wasn't my area of expertise but agreed to it anyways.  Seeing her ecstatic face was worth stepping outside of my comfort zone.  The added plus is that I can say my work is shown all over France.

Wild Flowers in Provence

I recently vacationed in Provence, France at an abby where a friend who is a nun there, was celebrating her jubilee year ( 25 years at the abby )  I used my spare time to paint the beautiful fields, flowers, orchards and country roads.  This one is a finished sketch that I have for sale on ebay right now.  To bid click here