Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roses and Blood Oranges 16x20

Well I got to looking at the picture that I just posted below and decided to make some changes. Hopefully for the better. Can you see what changes I made? What do you think? Better? or Should'a left it alone? :-) go to my ebay store to bid.

Winter on the Osage $99

I think I already have a buyer for this little 6x6 oil painting but thought I would put it out here in cyber space anyways.  I have been getting ready for Mayfest and have been painting a lot of affordable 6x6 paintings mostly of Oklahoma skys and fun fruit, flowers and veggies.  Anyways if you would like to see some more of my work and actually bid on something.... you can check out my ebay gallery by clicking here 

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is the painting that we just finished in class.  I may refine it just a bit more, clean up some edges, bring out the tomato a bit but all in all a pretty nice little piece.  it measures 16x20 and is in my ebay gallery right now.