Sunday, July 27, 2014

SOLD! Nude Back

I am having so much fun painting the nude.  Hopefully you all aren't getting bored with the repetition.  One can get lost in the subtle changes in flesh as it turns towards the light, reflects light upon itself... a delight.  This one is on sale on ebay now on auction.  I have several and will work a deal if someone wishes to purchase more than one.
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Prix de West thoughts

Well I just got through browsing through the wonderful paintings on the Prix de West show which features the best of the best... you know, all the folks in South West Magazine... And I made the mistake of taking a peek at the sold prices of the paintings.  Most were over $17,000 and on up to about $65,000.  My first thought was, "gee, I am not asking enough for my work!"  I love it when any of us can make a decent living by the work of our hands and years of practice but, $17,000?  The thing is, there are amazing paintings being painted right now by wonderful artists who are experts at their craft, and who have put in the years and practice who are not selling their work for those prices.  Must we all hire a marketing person, a publicist, an agent, in order to make a living at this?


Those of us who don't go in that direction have control over their own lives, can sell their work to people who really love the pieces they buy ( rather than purchases for investment only), our friends can actually afford a piece or two.  We make a meager living but speaking for myself, I love the life I lead.  I get to teach students who really want to learn, I get to know that my work has gone to homes where the paintings are cherished, I get to paint what I want, when I want and I am still excited at each and every sale.  I feel blessed.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Season's First Apples 8x10 study

I took my new puppy over to the community garden and found some apples on the ground.  I wasn't quite sure whether the apples on the tree were quite ripe yet but the one's on the ground were fair game for using in a painting and then eating so here is a little study that I did of them.  I could have taken them a step further but I liked the lose feel of this little study so I think I will mark it finished and pop it on ebay.  To Bid and see what other goodies I have in my ebay gallery, CLICK HERE

Penny and Sparrow House Concert

On Friday night we had our house concert with Penny and Sparrow.  Great harmonies, really nice guys too.  They came to the studio of Folk Salad the following day to do an in studio interview that should air in the next couple of weeks.  click here to visit the concert that we moved to a friend's cool space, Studio Soul.
Penny and Sparrow house concert at Studio Soul

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding food in my back yard

Since I have places in my yard that get no mowing ( my garden ) I am able to see what might sprout up on its own.  I pull plenty of Bermuda grass but I am finding so many edible things that want to be there naturally.  Last night I made curried greens from some of the plants that I allow to stay in the garden.  Just for fun, I researched their nutritional value . ( I love Google!)  Turns out that Purslane has more omega3 fatty acids than ANY other green veggie and was among the highest in Vitamin A.  Dandelion was in the top 4 green veggies for over all nutritional value.  Lambsquarters, more good stuff than spinach!  Poke Sallet ( don't EVER eat this raw, boil and pour off water and then cook again )   High in protein, folate, magnesium, Vitamins A and C and B6.  Wood sorrel for a lemony taste Vitamin C.  And this stuff doesn't have to be planted, tended, weeded, poisoned!  It is provided for you for FREE ( which is my favorite word )

Why is it we have so trained ourselves that it isn't food unless we buy it?  I don't know but if you took a look at the prices on ORGANICALLY grown anything you might start taking a look at what grows in your own yard.  Why not do an experiment.  Turn over a small portion of your back yard and see what editable goodies find their way to you.
This is some purslane that I found growing in my basil box. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

My new painting buddy

She is in charge of rags and paintbrushes.

SOLD (for a song!) Female Nude Study

Just for fun I have just listed this for .99 cents on ebay.  It is a study on 16x20 stretched canvas.  I also have several finished nudes on the site on auction this week but they all have start prices about $200.  To enter my ebay gallery and place a bid click here

A couple more changes

I have been working on a series of nudes this month.  A group of us artists hired a model for several days of exercises.  I thought I was finished with this last week and put it on ebay.  This week I made a few more adjustments and 'finished' it again.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Gifts from the garden

Last week it was so wonderfully cool and wet that I got the whole garden weeded in the matter of a couple of hours.  Then we went away for the weekend and when I returned.... did I mention "wet" ?   Anyways there were tons of weeds and now there are too many mosquitos and it is nearly 100 degrees out so needless to say I think I will let the weeds win this battle till it cools off again.  On the up side, my luck with cucumbers is on again, off again (I don't poison ) and apparently this is my year.  getting tons of cucumbers, peppers and my tomato plants look great but not nearly enough tomatoes to suit me.  This year I am trying a couple of new things... goji berries and ground cherries.  both are growing like gangbusters but the goji berries don't live up to their hype.  I will dry them and then see what I think but the fresh ones aren't tasty enough for me.  The ground cherries, on the other hand, are a great addition to the garden.  I really like the taste and I like the unique little lanterns you find them in.

Peaches and blackberries are from our community garden just behind the house.

Sunset Road

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One thing about Oklahoma is you never have to look very far for an amazing sky.  I have added several beautiful Oklahoma Sky paintings to my ebay gallery and to my auctions this week.  This is one of a small distant storm.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

SOLD Diet Chocolate Cake

This diet cake, while more expensive than your average chocolate cake, will last a life time and not add a single pound to your waistline.  A true bargain if you ask me :-)
The creamy frosting is buttered on.  Looks good enough to eat.  On auction this week with no reserve.  To enter into my ebay gallery and possibly bid on this or another painting... click here