Monday, June 18, 2018

bougainvillea in a vase with tea cup 8x10 oil on canvas

Over the winter I was asked to do a mini workshop at the Botanical Gardens in Tulsa.  I got to go to the greenhouse and gather plants for a still life and came back with bougainvillea ( gee I hope I am spelling that correctly)  Anyways I really liked the sweet little painting I came up with.  It is on ebay right now and you may click this link to visit it in my auction or contact me directly for sale.  It is 8x10 on canvas  The auction starts at $99 and if there are no bids and you want it, feel free to contact me directly.  If you do visit it in my ebay site you can also view other paintings on auction and at retail.

bougainvillea in a vase with tea cup 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Deep Thoughts, by Margee Aycock ;-)

I was out gathering curly dock seeds for future use and it occurred to me how artists and craftsmen and women are the reason our species has risen to the top of the heap. I was thinking, " if I were a cave woman, or a pioneer or one of the Native peoples, how would I make sure I could survive the winter? I would have to have some sort of vessel to store my gatherings. Bring on the potters! Then I wondered, If I were nomadic or was forced by weather or some other thing, to take to the road or the water, how then might I survive... Bring on the seamstresses who could work with leather to create warmer clothing, leather pouches or other skins to hold water and for that matter, those who work with wood to create a boat to travel to more fertile land. Where would the world be without those who create, who hone their craft, who work with their hands? And then there are those of us who are visual artists, dancers, story tellerys who just make all that living worth while. ;-)