Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quartz Mountain at the Gloaming 8x10 sketch

A trip to Quartz Mountain had me doing a lot of onsite oil sketching.  What a wonderful weekend.  Here is one sketch that was done just a few minutes before the sun set.  We had fun scrambling up onto the mountain shortly after finishing this sketch to try to catch the light and take some photos of ourselves.  Man, does that sun move fast!  We certainly got our exercise and also some great photos.  Ok, so back to this painting.... I just posted this on ebay for auction.  Those wishing to bid or enter into my ebay gallery, can click here

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fairy Tales oil on canvas

I teach adult oil painting in Tulsa.  When I set up this still life for the class I kept coming back to the theme of fairy tales.  This painting doesn't depict any specific tale but has elements of many with the crystal ball ( wizard of oz , snow white.... )  , Black crows ( a symbol of impending doom maybe), a magic wand....books of spells, an apple ( snow white ) an empty box ( treasure, pandora... ) Anyways here is the finished painting which I quite like.  It is on auction this week on ebay with no reserve, starting at $395.  Click here to bid or to see more of my work

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peach 6x6 oil

I was looking over some of my paintings that have been in the studio for a while and decided to rework a couple.  This is one that got a little attention this week and is on ebay at $39 with free shipping this week.  to bid

Friday, February 08, 2013

SOLD1 Red Haired Girl 20x24 oil

This began as a class demo.  I started with several photos.  a few of pretty girls and a few from our trip to the Wichita Mts.  Like Frankenstein, I took a hand from one photo, a face from another, a pretty outfit from another and borrowed the hair from another photo.  All combined into this painting of a lovely girl taking a walk through the woods.  I think all little girls imagine how wonderful it would be to have very long hair.  If we grow up to be artists, we realize our dreams through our painting.
She is on auction this week on ebay .  To visit her on ebay click here

I reworked her flesh a little and then took a photo in a darker room.  Man the color sure is different.  I need to go retake this in light!

Better.  Can you tell what other changes I made?  see below for answer :-)
I took a little bit of hair off the top and left side.  I took a tiny bit off the chin and added a little to the left side of the forehead and left cheek.  I also brought a hint of blue further out to the left to suggest a portion of her dress.  I feel better.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Creativity Bleeds into the Garden "Bed"

A couple of months ago we got rid of a single bed and were left with the problem of the wooden box springs.   I first used them to put on new plants with a glass window on top as a cold frame in the garden.  I have sense given it a new look and decided to use it for its original purpose.... kind of.... as a "bed"  What I decided to do is create a slightly raised bed in my vegetable garden .  Here is how I did it.
 Step one.... and now I wish I hadn't already taken off the cardboard... remove all the fabric covering.
 I had some old fencing and scrap lumber laying around and used them for nailing to the sides.
 Here is the spot where it will rest.  First I will remove the mulch and flatten bed.
 Next I took a bunch of newspapers and cardboard boxes and flattened them out and stuck them under the box.

Then I threw in a bunch of compost and a little garden topsoil, complete with some nice earth worms and hopefully void of cutworm eggs or other nasty beasts.  I will continue to fill the bed with top soil, composted material and perhaps a little cow manure and peat.  I plan on having my little girl dream come true with a canopy bed in the near future as I will start with some cool weather crops and root veggies and ease on into  the summer with squash.  I plan to use a row cover to keep out the evil moths who lay eggs for squash vine borer.  I will beat them yet.

 Dead of winter veggies starting... Lettuce.

Friday, February 01, 2013

e books, my book is available

Just in case you don't already know... my book on oil painting is available for download through createspace and amazon.  I keep noticing more and more artists using tablets while painting and so I have made my book available in that format for those of you who find that is the way you learn best.  My book has great info for those of you who are  trying to learn the craft of oil painting.  The techniques in my book can be transferred  to portrait painting and landscape... the same principals apply.  For those of you who prefer to work with a video, those are available for download too... through createspace and amazon.  You can also order the hard copy, hold in  your little hand stuff from me through this website. 

Make me an offer!... on or off ebay

Just to let you art lovers know that you can always make an offer on anything you see on my Ebay website.  I know that some of these paintings are out of reach for some of my buyers... heck, I can't afford to buy art... BUT.... I am always up for a good deal.... a great shop on!