Saturday, March 19, 2011

Upcoming workshops

I have two workshops coming up in the next couple of weeks
The first is at the Gilcrease Museum. Sign up is through the museum. It is a one day painting workshop where I will lead you through the process of painting the Oklahoma, Osage landscape. Class is Saturday, March 26th from 9:30 - 4:30. Bring a lunch or order from the restaurant there and we will enjoy the grounds w a picnic. The other workshop is in OKC and addresses selling your work online. It is also on a Saturday, April 2 from 1-4. There will be another speaker before me. Sign up for that workshop is through ovac...

SOLD Avacado

I just finished teaching a workshop at the Gilcrease Museum and in the process, demonstrated techniques that I use to paint my little 6x6 daily kitchen series paintings. It was a great way to teach students the process of oil painting that they can use to create larger still lifes or use it to paint more one object studies. They all enjoyed the fact that they would be taking home at least one finished oil painting that day. Many completed 3 of them. Anyways I just put this on ebay with a very low starting bid of $29 with no reserve. In my ebay gallery I price these at a buy it now price of $99 ea. You may bid on this and check out my other auctions by clicking this link

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Granny Smith

This is a painting that I just finished during my workshop this week at the Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa.  We did several 'kitchen ' paintings that were inspired by my work with this daily painting group.  I put this one on ebay at a very low starting bid with no reserve.  To visit my ebay auction click here

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Apple 6x6 oil on canvas

This is one of several paintings that i completed this weekend after a Saturday workshop at the Gilcrease Museum.  I taught a little class for beginning oil painters using only one or two objects.  That way they could learn the process with out being overwhelmed .  It was a beautiful spring day and we all had a lot of fun and several of the participants ended up with 2 and 3 paintings.  I am glad I brought extra stuff!  I put all of them on ebay today at a very low start price and no reserve.  Check this one out through the link below.

Friday, March 11, 2011

SOLD Testing the Waters, 8x10 oil on canvas

This is a little painting that I did after a larger, commissioned painting.  One of my students saw a photo of the larger piece and wanted me to teach the process.  The best way I know how to do that is by demonstration, thus the smaller beach scene... I have this one on auction this week through my ebay gallery.  To visit the auction and view several other pieces that made it to auction this week, click here 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Osage Prairie 12x12 oil on canvas

I have never been to a casino, but I have snuck down the dirt road behind one to paint several beautiful landscapes featuring the Osage Prairie lands. This is one of them that I particularly like. In it are cedar trees that are the bane of Oklahoma farmers ( but I rather like them ) and sumac which was used by the native people for tea and flavoring. I make a great sumac lemonade. This and other paintings like it are featured in my ebay gallery. I have about 25 paintings that I have put on auction in the last couple of days. Feel free to check them out and as always, you are free to make an offer that I can't refuse on any paintings that are not on auction. To check out my ebay site click here to find out more about me and my work or to purchase one of my teaching DVDs or books you may want to visit my blog

Monday, March 07, 2011

Dylan's new Bike

My son bought this old motorcycle and fixed it up and got it running ( much to my dismay ) He took this great picture of it though and I played around with the photo on photoshop and painted it with acrylics and used markers for accent and to make it look a little more like a beefed up cartoon.  Anyways I just listed it in my ebay gallery for $250 but put on my auction at $125 minimum bid with no reserve.  To bid or to visit my ebay store click my link...Old Motorcycle on Ebay

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Petunias in the Sun 16x20 oil on canvas

I just finished this painting and thought I would post it here to brighten up your winter as it has brightened mine while painting it. I just put it on auction in my ebay gallery/auction site for those wishing to bid on it. I usually have a lot of my smaller, one item, daily paintings there as well. If there are none on auction, please feel free to make an offer. Here is a link to the ebay auction: