Sunday, November 21, 2021


 Sold this weekend At Liggett Gallery 

Monday, November 01, 2021

Revisiting an older painting

Every now and then I pull out an old painting that needs some freshening up. I took out a couple of other elements of this painting that were some papers underneath the book and just reworked and left one of the papers  I added another layer of paint to the painting with the billowing clouds. I thought the landscape beneath them was a little bit too dull.  This painting is all about the clouds above, for sure but I needed a little bit of sprucing up below as well.  Both of these paintings are on auction on my eBay gallery but I would welcome any offers through this site.

After Dan Gerhertz

 This is a painting I did after looking for inspiration on the Internet. One of my favorite painters is the American artist, Dan Gearhart‘s. I first saw his work at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma years ago and admired his use of color and his beautiful brushstrokes. Sometimes the best way to learned someone’s technique is to use a painting of theirs and closely observe their techniques. It may not be quite as easy for those who haven’t painted before but this keeps me from having to travel long distances and pay a lot of money for lessons with the masters. What I ended up with is my own version of this painting. Just a note of caution you should not sell these pieces if they are after a living artist andThey should always be marked with the words after, in this case, Dan Gerhertz, and then your own name, or copy of..,,..and then your name

Jillian and her cat. SOLD!

This pretty girl lives down the street from me. I asked if I could borrow some photos of her to play around with on a cold and rainy day. Her sunny smile brightened up my day.



Claire SOLD!

This painting started out with an idea from Richard Schmidt, a photograph from a friend of her daughter, and a photograph that I took on the Hughes ranch near Bartlesville Oklahoma. I incorporated all three into the finish painting


Larry’sHouse SOLD!

 This was a commissioned painting of my friend Larry's home.  He asked me to include himself, his dog and if I could squeeze his cat into one of the flower pots he would be happy.  This is what I ended up with... thanks to my husband who posed on the front steps for me.