Friday, January 11, 2008

DVD Margaret Aycock Paints Reflective and Transparent Objects

Hot off the presses... This is my new Instructional DVD. In this DVD I show the process of painting a still life with both reflective and transparent objects. I will discuss set up including some money saving tips on supplies. For this class I will also tell you that I am using Winsor Newton student grade paints ( Winton ) They work great and are relatively inexpensive. I order directly from If you would like my pallet list just write and I will send to you. I will talk about diffent ways to hold your brush for different effects, paint mixing, composition, abstract design, drawing tricks, measuring and much more. I am filming this in my adult class. Lots of great information... lots of fun. PS the music in the beginning and at each break is from my son's CD, "Life's Ladder" to listen to the CD....


Anonymous said...

TO: Margaret Aycock

When I encounter at artist like you in the OKC area, I like to put them on to the Cennini Forum (originating out of the New England Boston area) an on-line art forum for professional artists. I do this because it is such a fantastic forum for the higher level artist.

The Cennini Forum is a subscriber-only forum but you can try it out for one month for $7 (Worth seven bucks to check out the Cennini Bible which is awesome.) There are a few public pages so you can get a feel for it. (No I don't work for them...ha) Here is a link]:

Have you discovered Ugly Dog Soap from Studio Products?? Best stuff to get oil out of clothes and brushes that I have ever found.

I hope you will check out Cennini. Phylis (a pastel artist) and I love it and live in Edmond. I didn't know how to email you privately or I would have.

Austin Maloney said...

Cool stuff.