Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yellow Field at Gilcrease Museum 6x6

I am posting a LOT of my little daily paintings on ebay this week.  This is one of them.  All of them are no reserve auctions and this one starts at only $15!  It was done on site at the Gilcrease Museum.  It is 6x6 oil on canvas.  If you want to place a bid and see the rest of my auctions on ebay click here  

Friday, July 22, 2011

French Convent

This is one of my new favorite paintings.  My best friends have a daughter who has lived for around 18 years at a convent in France.  They brought back beautiful pictures of the lavender fields and vineyards that are tended by the sisters there.  I have done several paintings from them.  This is my latest ones which I did as a demonstration for my adult oil painting class.  I have also recently put it on auction through ebay ( where it can also be purchased through my ebay gallery at full price if there are no bids on the auction )  If you would like to place a bid or visit my auction where I have a lot of small, affordable for anyone type paintings, and some higher priced ones as well, click here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SOLD Blond Girl in Black Top 8x10 oil

I just got the great news that I will be the featured artist, next summer, in the  Oklahoma State Capital Gallery.  To celebrate I am posting a lot of my larger paintings on my ebay auction along with some very very low priced studies in oil on canvas.  All are no reserve auctions.  I will be posting at least one painting each day for the next 3 days at .01 - $10. range.  This one begins at $28 so check it out and bid here

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gilcrease Museum Family Days in the Fall

I will be helping Gilcrease Museum create some fun, family projects this fall.  Some of the programs will be on Saturdays ( held in the children's classroom just down from the gift shop )and others will be held on Sundays in the Vista Room.  The Mathews building, once finished, downtown, will house some of the events as well.  To be announced.  We will have a lot of free, fun, family activities just around the corner.  Check the museum schedule for times.  click here to visit the museum