Sunday, July 27, 2014

Prix de West thoughts

Well I just got through browsing through the wonderful paintings on the Prix de West show which features the best of the best... you know, all the folks in South West Magazine... And I made the mistake of taking a peek at the sold prices of the paintings.  Most were over $17,000 and on up to about $65,000.  My first thought was, "gee, I am not asking enough for my work!"  I love it when any of us can make a decent living by the work of our hands and years of practice but, $17,000?  The thing is, there are amazing paintings being painted right now by wonderful artists who are experts at their craft, and who have put in the years and practice who are not selling their work for those prices.  Must we all hire a marketing person, a publicist, an agent, in order to make a living at this?


Those of us who don't go in that direction have control over their own lives, can sell their work to people who really love the pieces they buy ( rather than purchases for investment only), our friends can actually afford a piece or two.  We make a meager living but speaking for myself, I love the life I lead.  I get to teach students who really want to learn, I get to know that my work has gone to homes where the paintings are cherished, I get to paint what I want, when I want and I am still excited at each and every sale.  I feel blessed.

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