Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Fridays in Tulsa

Scott and I will be spending a portion of our Thanksgiving getting ready for a First Friday Show at the AHHA downtown.  They have opened their space to all the different folks who are under the umbrella of the Arts and Humanities Council.  Scott and I wear many hats and two of them involve the council.  Scott's baby, "House Concerts Unlimited," and mine, " The Art and Healing Program at Hillcrest."  Come by and check out our tables and get updates on upcoming shows.  Of course, both programs would love to receive a monetary donation from you as both programs run on a shoestring.  Our fingers are crossed for continued support of the Art and Healing program from the wonderful doctors at Hillcrest. 
We have 3 concerts coming up in December.  Check them out on
A couple of them will be held at our house and one is too big so it will be at the Woody Guthrie Center.  Hope to see some of you out for those events.

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