Friday, March 01, 2013

China and Art

Well the word on the street is that the art market is being effected by Chinese pretenders.  It has probably been going on for quite a while now and I have been unaware of it.  I have long been aware of the icky "hotel, motel" art that pops up from time to town in traveling convention like sales that sell mass produced oil paintings but now these things are cropping up on ebay and some of them, at first glance, look pretty good. 

A recent drop in sales on ebay has caused me to go looking for the reason why.  Here is what I found.  Lots of very very cheep art produced  in China.  We can't even buy the canvas at the price that some of these "original" work is selling for.... sometimes only a dollar.   From my research on the net and through a personal, well known, artist, friend, apparently, not only is this stuff cheep, it is often stolen from us and reproduced!  My artist friend discovered ugly knock off bronzes that were coming out of China years ago that looked very similar to her own ( only not well made and the faces were unattractive).  They had the gall to even sign her name to the work.  I ran across others in the USA with similar experiences through the internet. 

I hope those of you who purchase art will forgo the cheep imitations coming out of China, and continue to support 'real' artists, working hard in this and other countries around the world.  Many of us work very hard at our craft, spend years honing our skills only to have our hard work stolen and reproduced in China and then sold right back here in the states.  Thanks for reading my little rant.

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