Wednesday, March 20, 2013

more pennies ( dimes and dollars ) from heaven

Well the other day I was feeling overwhelmed by some pretty big rental house needed a new roof, the house next door needed to have the sewer snaked and the rental house my son and I own together, needed a MAJOR sewer repair that involves a $5000 street cut!  Anyways, those who know me, know I have this little theory, superstition, that folks on the other side who love us, send us a message of love and hope by leaving pennies on the ground for us to find.  So I get out of my car at the grocery store and what do I find, but a dime.  At my next stop, I get out of the car and what do I find, but another dime!  Well I put up a " Thanks for the encouragement to Jesus, Dad, Grandma and Beverly and went on my way.  I told Scott what had happened.  As unluck would have it, Scott was having an equally bad day.  When he arrived home very late after doing the radio show he threw something in my lap.  He said " This is what I found when I got out of my car at the station. "  It was a wadded up DOLLAR!... I told him of course that it was a message the he too was greatly loved and that he should put out a " message received to Jesus, Grandma Inez and Grandpa Parker. :-)  We are still muddling through but the refrain from the old Bob Marley song, " Every little thing's gonna be alright... " is echoing through our brains :-)

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