Sunday, March 24, 2013

Community Garden in my Neighborhood

I love my neighborhood.  This is what I did on my very cold Saturday.... I helped 40 of my neighbors turn an empty lot into a garden.  We had 2 huge truck loads of manure delivered, tons of leaves and mulch, and cardboard were also delivered.... we made a layer cake of 1st, cardboard, manure, leaves and woodchip mulch.  We created  berms around our fruit trees ( planted 2 years ago ) too.  We had invited a permaculture guy who helped us and guided us.  The neighbors directly across the street fed us all a great lunch... they were thinking maybe 10 or 15 people might show up and rose to the occasion of 40 of us.  Someone else took care of hot coffee and breakfast snacks earlier.  I brought over some nice dry firewood and another neighbor brought some pinon wood and we built a beautiful bonfire to warm us in the drizzle. 
 along this picket fence grows blackberries
 see our cute pavilion in the back ground?
 young folks pitched right in with us
 my bonfire is just getting rolling
almost done... time for lunch

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