Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Magic Age

If you leave a painting too long in the artist's hands, she is going to end up changing something.  This painting was in the studio and got moved to above the fireplace a couple of months ago.  The longer I looked at it the more something bothered me.  It is great to see your painting with fresh eyes.  Anyways, after working out the problems in my head, I decided it was time to work them out in person.  The stripe on the ball was formerly way to bright and took a lot of attention. ( bad )  The boxes right behind the doll were too dark and needed to be brightened and lightened just a hair in order that the painting become more balanced.  So here is the new piece.  I will look at it a while longer and see if there are any more changes due before re hanging... Now I am thinking one bright marble on the box might just be the ticket :-)  Oh, I almost forgot.... I just put this on sale on ebay for one week.... at 50% off.  What a steal!  One of my favorite paintings.  I have about 6 others on 50% off sale too.  to view and enter into my ebay gallery click here

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