Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peaches and Pears ( Pears SOLD! )

I have been painting as fast as I can to get ready for an upcoming show in my city, Blue Dome Arts Festival that runs concurrently with Mayfest . Thank God I got in the habit of these wonderful small paintings through the daily painting group. They are such fun to paint and I love the way they look when hung in a group. I have a bunch of them for auction on my ebay site and for sale in my etsy store . Anything not sold before, will go to the Mayfest show. On a side note, I also have a piece that just got into the Richard Schmid Art Auction. to bid on that piece, click here. As always, if you would like to keep caught up on what I am doing, buy my book or video tapes, you may do so here on my blog
Come and see me at the Blue Dome Arts Festival May 14-18.

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seesa said...

Margaret Aycock seems to be one of those people who love to enjoy every minute of her life and lives it to the fullest. I bet her family is a big inspiration to her especially since the whole family has a creative side. It’s easy to get that support when they are just as creative as you are. You can see in her painting that she enjoys the little things in life: like a piece of chocolate cake or a still life of her having tea with her friends, or takes pride in her gardening . Her still life gives me a sense of calmness and peacefulness by using very eye pleasing warm colors. I do like her chocolate painting the best, and using the pallet knife for the frosting was a perfect tool to use to get the texture of the cake. The only thing the picture needs is a glass of milk right next to it. LOL!! Her portraits are very little detailed but they don’t need to be the color and expression gives enough realism for me.