Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catalog for Governor's Gallery

Image List:      read left to right.  All paintings are oil on stretched canvas and are priced unframed.  All paintings will be framed but some may be slat framed and some will be ornate gold.  If buyers want frames then I will price them separately.  The first 3 paintings are gallery wrapped and will be unframed.
Row 1 :  12x12 Osage Sky $300, Osage in Bloom $300, Osage Prairie Road $300, 10x10 Roses in Jelly Jar $300, Wild Roses $300
Row 2:  8x10 Woodward Park Tulsa $300, Illinois River Fisherman $300, Tall Grass Prairie Grove $300, Tall Grass Prairie Tree $300, Red Bud and Iris $300, Quartz Mountain View $300,
Row 3:  9x12 Azaleas $300, 8x10 Tulsa Community College Forest $300, Peonies $300, Frilly Iris $250, White Iris $250, My Fair City $300
Row 4: 16x20 Standing in Flowers at Turner Falls $600, Playing in Flint River $700, Tall Grass Prairie Brook $700, Oklahoma Girl in Fall $450 , Prairie Girl $450, Cowboy Dreams $500,
Row 5:  18x24  Stone Bluff Vineyard $600, 16x20 Peonies and Blue Bowl $700, Stopping to Pick Berries in Skiatook $700, Flint River $700, Azalea Walk $700, 20x24 Sunday in the Park $900
Row 6:  12x14 What we saw on the way home from the river $300, 16x20 Flowers from my Garden $500, 11x14 Red Roses $400, Clear Creek Monastery Road $300, My Garden $400, An out of the way Place at Gilcrease Museum $400,  Shady Garden $400, 16x20 Tango in Tulsa $700
Row 7:   11x14 Garden Walkway $300, 10x14 Osage County Barn $300, Pansies $400, 20x24 Treasures $900,  30x36 What I found in the attic $1200, 20x24 Summer on the Prairie $700

The New Tulsa Sound Series:  These are priced at $250 each.  They are multimedia, ink and acrylic on 8x8 canvas board.
Row 1:  Jesse Aycock, Josh Massad, Jared Tyler,
Row 2:  Annie Ellicott, Andrew Bones, Fiawna Forte
Row 3:  Dylan Aycock, Dustin Pittsley, Josh Raymer

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