Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bathing Suited Figures

During class last week I brought in some older paintings that I was frustrated with and had decided to paint over.  I set this painting on a table facing the class and each person who walked in said " Wow!  I love that painting!"  When I said I had already lightly sanded it and was going to paint over it, they all protested and said, " don't do a thing to it.  Sell it just as it is."  Well there were things that bothered me about the painting but sometimes if something has sat long enough in the back of the studio, it doesn't seem quite so overwhelming to pull it out and fix mistakes.  I should have taken some before and after pics so you could make your own assessment but too late... I ended up fixing the water line, adding 2 more figures and another couple umbrellas, fixed the little girl w the towel and now those things that I loved about the painting are not fighting with those that I didn't.  I am so glad they stopped me from painting over this as I really like it now.  Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all we need. Speaking of which.... Now that I see the photo, I think I will lengthen the legs of the little girl just a hair. :-)
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