Tuesday, November 03, 2015

First Friday opening looks great!

The first couple of paintings are hung...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Gilcrease Museum back 40

This was a painting that I worked on with a class.  Each of us kind of created our own little scene using a few photos of skies and hay bales.  This particular scene was created with a specific time and place in mind.  A favorite walking spot just about a mile from my house on the back 40 of the Gilcrease Museum.  I really liked the way it turned out.  I quickly took the photo and then realized that I was taking it at the same time of day when the sun is so low and beautiful in the sky.  It was perfect lighting except for the shadow cast by the frame on the bottom edge :-)  Clicking below will take you to this painting on ebay and give you access to my other paintings in my ebay Gallery.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I love the idea of painting small and getting something finished in just a day.  I also love any excuse to go walking in the woods and especially like it when I can grocery shop in the woods and at check out..... everything is FREE!  One of my favorite Oklahoma treasures that you won't find in the store, are persimmons.  This little painting is actually on my ebay auction this week along with some of it's brother and sister 6x6s.
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Dang it... this isn't the one that is on auction but is one that is still available.  If I weren't so lazy I would go get it and take another photo... you can see it on the link to the gallery though.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A little video Turtorial.

I was just revisiting this little tutorial that was posted in 2011 before Youtube let us post longer videos.  So this one is in 2 parts both being around 9 minutes.
Step One to paint a little 6x6 oil painting of a cup

Step Two

Sunday, October 18, 2015

If you leave a painting with an artist long enough.....

I really loved this painting when I FIRST finished it and then the intended recipient failed to get married ( it was to be a wedding gift ) so first, out came the dog and then 6 months later had me rework the horizon line.

And the finished one.... or is it?  Once it sells, it is done :-)
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Friday, October 09, 2015

$10 off each $100 spent in my ebay gallery

I am offering $10 off each $100 spent in my Ebay Gallery for the next couple of months.  To visit my ebay gallery and see what painting you might choose, Click Here

Monday, October 05, 2015

Last Beach Painting for the Season.

I have since reworked the figures in this painting a little.  Shaved off some of that awkward shoulder and fixed a little of both faces.  To see the finished version, visit my ebay auction Click Here

Friday, October 02, 2015

First Snow and Girl with a Red Coat

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The first cold snap of the season has me thinking of snow.  This is on auction this week in my ebay gallery.  One of my favorites.

Utica Square 10/3/15

Art in the Square, rain or shine and it looks more like shine as we get closer to Saturday.  I will be right in front of Starbucks and Pendletons which is a perfect spot considering it should be a bit chilly to start the day.  I just sent 3 paintings to hopefully make it into a show at Cristal Bridges ( and if not at Cave Springs), 3 paintings for the Tulsa Ballet opening season at the Performing Art Center, 2 paintings for the TAC member show for First Fridays and throughout the month showing at the Hardesty Art Center and the rest is all going to Art in the Square tomorrow.  Hope to see some of you Oklahoma folks there.  Should be about 75 artists there if I remember correctly.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Our house on the historic home tour

One of my neighbors posted the news piece on our recent home tour and I am glad I clicked on the link as most of it was filmed inside our house.  I kept noticing family photos on the piano, Scott giving a talk in the dining room, prints of the mosaic obelisk that I had a hand in designing etc.  Wanna see inside?  Here is the link: http://www.newson6.com/story/30127390/brady-heights-home-tour-puts-spotlight-on-tulsas-historical-treasures

Monday, September 14, 2015

This is really helping to clear out my studio and give a few buyers a great deal on an original oil painting.  A new batch of paintings this week for a penny to start and no reserve.  Last week one person actually got her painting for a penny!  The rest sold for a bit more but most of them still well under $30.
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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

SOLD! The Woods

My husband and I visited a Monestary about an hours drive from home and found a pretty place near a little stream to do some on site paintings.  This little study is on ebay this week for only a penny as a starting bid.  A portion of the proceeds go to charity so bid often and tell your pals.  I have around 8 paintings on auction for a penny this week along with my $50-$300 starting auctions.  None of them have a reserve.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

study of French abby

Another demo.  This one was completed in my Thursday adult painting class.  It came from a photo of the guest house where we stayed at an abby in France.  I have sold 2 so far on my auction and have about 6 more to go with possibly more coming as I clean up the studio so check back often.  These are starting at a penny with no reserve and a portion of the proceeds going to charity so please bid often.... plus that makes it more fun for me to see it rise from a penny to dollar to more :-)  In real life the painting is not quite this bright and the ground isn't quite as pink.
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Monday, September 07, 2015

SOLD! 8x10 peaches and tea

If you have been following my blog lately you will see that I am putting a lot of paintings on with no reserve this week on Penny Auctions.  What fun!  I need to clear out the studio and have a lot of studies, demos, etc that need to go.  All are originals.  All are oil paintings and I think all are on stretched canvas.  It is a perfect time to snag a nice little oil painting for very little money.  While you are in my Ebay Gallery, feel free to check out my other auctions and my full price paintings.  I am always open for a commission so don't hesitate to ask.  
This little painting was a demonstration for a new student in my adult class in Tulsa.  
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Saturday, September 05, 2015

SOLD ! Here's another one... Penny Auction

A couple of the paintings have bids.  One has several but there are still a few that haven't had a bid yet.  This one is worthy of consideration :-)  A portion of the money generated from these auctions will support the Arts and Humanities artist residency in Hillcrest Hospital's Women's Center, high risk pregnancy unit and Kaiser Rehab.  Some paintings are hooked into St Judes Children's Hospital.

This painting was originally done as a demo for a new painting student.
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Friday, September 04, 2015

SOLD! Yet another Penny auction.. Daffodils at the Gilcrease Museum

I have several big shows coming up and one of them involves a home/studio tour in our historic neighborhood in a couple of weeks.  I am trying to get ready and clean the studio in  some sort of presentable fashion.  I am putting a lot of my smaller sketches on ebay this week for only a penny with no reserve.  All of them have a portion of the sale going to charity so I am hoping to 1.  Clear my studio, 2.  give a buyer a great deal on an original painting, 3.  sell at a price that isn't an embarrassment to give to a charity :-).
so here is a link to one of the paintings.  Once you are in the ebay site, you can click to visit my other auctions there.  Right now there are several paintings starting at a penny, and of course, my other auctions and fixed price work which is still quite affordable in my humble opinion.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

SOLD ! Another Penny Auction

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One of my students wanted help in bringing a photo of her once young daughter to life in paint.  I always think the best way to teach is by demonstration so this is my little sketch of her daughter.  It is an oil on 8x10 canvas.  The auction is only a penny to start and there is no reserve so this ought to be fun!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My son Jesse on guitar and lap steel for Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans in Chicago

to visit Jesse's website, listen, order his own CD of awesome music, click here


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There is no reserve for this auction so winning bid, no matter how low, gets the painting.  I actually have several on auction this week, just for fun.  Of course I hope you bid this up a little or perhaps add a full priced painting to the package, even better.... :-)  I also have several teaching videos and 2 books on painting in oil with full color photos and easy to understand language.

2 books on painting in a painterly style

OK it is time to put in a plug for my two books on oil painting.  I have them for sale here on the site or you can always purchase off of my ebay gallery.  One is painting the still life and one is on painting the landscape, en plein aire and in the studio.  I also have several DVDs for instruction in painting.  They were all filmed in my adult classes and so have the feeling of being in a class with others learning, laughing and of course, painting.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Tulsa Ballet Opening Season

Recently I was invited to the rehearsals of the Tulsa Ballet so that I could gather reference material with which to work for the purpose of creating a painting or two for display on the opening month of the season.  These paintings, when completed will be on display at the Tulsa Performing Art Center.  These are  works in progress, each needing to be tweaked here and there and one only 3/4 finished. ( not shown)

3 paintings accepted into the Illinois River Salon Show upcoming in Oct/Nov

Hopefully one or two of these will make it all the way to the Crystal Bridges Museum.  I will let you know when they notify me.  Otherwise they will be at the watershed education center in Cave Springs.  My fingers are crossed.  Reception will be held at the Crystal Bridges either way so that should be a lot of fun.  $$ from sales will go toward protecting our precious crystal clear streams.

What a great night Jesse Aycock w Hard Working Americans

Went to the Cains Ballroom last night to hear Jesse perform w Hard Working Americans.  Tulsa came out in full force and filled the room with love.  

Tulsa native Jesse Aycock is a Hard Working American and he's coming home - Tulsa World: Offbeat

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 12:27 pm | Updated: 12:50 am, Thu Aug 27, 2015.
The renowned musicians in Hard Working Americans had already cut a record when Tulsa-native Jesse Aycock got a call from the band. Aycock was on tour with The Secret Sisters already, but the group wanted him to come along on the road with it.
“Neal (Casal) called me up and asked me what I was up to and if I was free,” Aycock said. “He said, ‘Hey man, I just got done recording this record and we need a second guitarist, and you were the first person who came to mind. I think the plan right now is to do a handful of shows. I don’t really know where this is going quite yet, but it should be fun.’ The songs are really cool. Of course I was like, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do that.’”
That’s how Aycock became a Hard Working American.
The rock supergroup, made up of Todd Snider, Dave Schools from Widespread Panic, Casal of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Chad Staehly of Great American Taxi and Duane Trucks who is the younger brother of Derek Trucks. Their first album was released in January 2014, a project done by a group of friends while they worked on their other steady gigs.
Aycock said while they weren’t sure where it was going — especially when he was brought in to be a road musician on rhythm and lapsteel guitar — the group dynamic was strong and close, a natural relationship they all enjoyed. The road grew longer, and they have now recorded a new album, this time with Aycock a full-fledged member.
And Thursday, the road comes to Tulsa with the band’s first stop at Cain’s Ballroom, a homecoming for Aycock. The show is set for 8 p.m. Thursday.
Before Aycock came on board, he said the group basically created Hard Working Americans as a fun side project, not necessarily something to run with.
“They basically just put together a group to record a record,” Aycock said. “I think initially it was all just everybody had other projects that were taking up most of their time. I think this was just a fun project and I don’t think anyone had any expectations of taking it.”
Their scope expanded after recording that self-titled album. When they realized they needed another guitarist for the road, Aycock was their first call.
Aycock has recorded and toured with several bands while also working on his solo albums. Aside from Hard Working Americans and The Secret Sisters, Aycock has worked extensively with the Paul Benjaman Band. His solo album, “Flowers & Wounds,” was released the same month as the Hard Working Americans album.
He was on the road when he got the call about Hard Working Americans and in a week had to learn the songs and make it to Colorado to hit the road.
“It wasn’t decided right away that I would be a member of the band other than I would be just a touring musician,” Aycock said. “It wasn’t decided I would be in on any other recordings, it was just strictly touring I think initially, which makes total sense because other than Neal, none of the other guys knew me. Once I got in there and started playing, everyone meshed really well, and everyone was really open to me.”
After a week of rehearsing that went well as the band settled in on their songs, Aycock said several members of the band came by independently to tell him he was part of the group now. And what a great group to be a part of, he said.
“It doesn’t always work when you get a bunch of musicians who haven’t played together in a room. It doesn’t always work personality wise, musically. But with this group of people, it was just a perfect dynamic,” Aycock said. “To me it was such a refreshing joy to be part of. Everyone was supportive and open to everyone’s idea, but yet it was still enough structure to get things done.”
After a first run on the road, the band hit the studio again for another recording session. Aycock said those sessions were great because of the group dynamic and the high from successful shows on the tour. That album is due out in early 2016. And last year, the group released a live album and documentary on its first collaboration, “The First Waltz.”
The Hard Working Americans are living up to its name.
“Whenever projects are given time away, when you step away from a project for a while, you come back into something like this with a fresh energy,” Aycock said. “Everyone has new perspectives. It’s always fun because it’s different every time.”
Jerry Wofford 918-581-8346

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Busy Month

I have several shows beginning and ending this month and we are hosting 3 house concerts as well.  ( http://houseconcertsunlimited.com) Just picked up 3 pieces that won entry into the Gilcrease Impressionist show in it's satellite gallery downtown, delivered one to Living Arts' Oh Tulsa Show, Delivered one to OVAC for its 12x12, entered 3 pieces in the Illinois River Salon, and still painting for Scott's and my upcoming 2 person show, " In Tandem"  which will be a show of paired poetry and paintings that will open on the first Friday of November.  I think that show will be a really wonderful one.  It has been a real interesting process as Scott writes mostly about people and feelings and inner life and I am a representational artist.  We will both have to stretch on this one and that is a good thing for both of us.
Here is a sample poem that I will work from:


Cecil keeps our yard trim as a sailor’s beard-
not a blade of grass out of place.
With a surveyor’s eye he places poles along
the hedge row,
making Grandma’s English Boxwoods
level as poured cement,
stretching the length of the drive.

He starts early and works through, into the
heat of the day.
I am just a boy.
Cecil comes to back door, hat in hand, like a child asking a favor of a man.
“Mr. Jo Eddie’s grandson, you ‘spose I could have me some ‘freshment?”
I go under sink where grandma keeps the
drink, pour comfort from a bottle.
I place a capful in a glass, fill the rest with water.
It turns the color of rosin.

That’ll do, Mr. Jo Eddie’s grandson, don’t need no ice.
He tips his head, tosses the drink, and wipes
his mouth.
It is a litany of motion.

Five drinks into the day, his tools put away,
Cecil comes to the door-  a final drink to stay
the blues away.

I being home alone,
Cecil points with fingered bone
towards ivories lined up in a row.
“Mr. Jo Eddie’s grandson, I can make that
coffin sing.
Some folks they scared a dyin’, but they ain’t got that rhythm thang.”

Cecil straddles piano bench, with one leg north, the other east,
to work the pedals, to keep the beat.
With both hands poised on whitened keys,
his long black fingers fill spaces,
make dark holes in the music,
as he begins a slow growl, a low moan.
Gonna’ chase those blues.
Gonna’ chase those blues.”

Bowed over the keys, eyes closed,
Cecil is there in some sepia-toned place. 

It seems with every note, with every chord,
Cecil spills more of himself between the keys,
as though the music is drinking him one note
at a time.

With an ear bent to the ivories, listening for the sound of suffering as it leaves his fingertips;
Cecil’s hand begins to jitter, and juke, and then to jive,
into some boogie-woogie slide.

 His huge black hands, like crows,
flap the width of the piano,
as  Cecil tosses back his head, enraptured.

I am just a boy held in time. 

As Cecil’s shoulders sway in time to the beat,
mouth open, he eats.

Drinking notes, swallowing chords,
half-digested they come spilling forth,
crude and primitive.
A truer sound.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh Tulsa show entry at Living Arts

Actually it is the sister piece to this painting that is entered in the show.  Very similar, rainy Tulsa day.  The other one is a little more blue in color and is taken from another nearby street in Tulsa on the same rainy afternoon.

SOLD! OVAC 12x12 Summertime

This is my entry into the OVAC 12x12 show coming up in a few weeks.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

4th of July Pancakes

Red, White, Blue
Blueberry pancakes made from walnut, millet, coconut flour with greek yogart , Honeysuckle Rose syrup

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wagon Race Girls

This is a little painting I did after attending a wagon race in Oklahoma.  We just happened upon it on a Sunday drive. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Gathering Herbs

To Bid

This painting started out by using a master work as a jumping off point.  Originally this girl was in a cathedral or castle and holding something totally different.  Since I like being outside and in the woods, and I like foraging, I thought I would put her there as well.  She has been out gathering greens for tonight's supper.  Can you see the fiddle heads?  The dandelion leaves?  Anyways she is actually residing above the fireplace in my house but would be happy to move to yours... To bid, click above.  It will take you to my ebay auction and also give you access to my online Ebay Gallery, Store.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Where to find inspiration

I think you find inspiration best when you are not actually looking for it.  It is best found when you keep an open mind and when an idea presents itself, instead of saying, "well that's not really my thing." just stop a minute and ask yourself if you might want to give it a try.  Sometimes, of course the answer is 'No' but every now and then when you say 'yes' powerfully and step into the moment, you find your new joy or new direction.  Here are a few things that presented themselves in that way to me.
1.  Tulsa Artist Coalition had a 5x5 fundraiser.  They supplied the canvas and asked you to paint on it or create something w those dimensions.  I had never painted small, nor did I have any desire to do so.  Here is what happened after accepting that challenge:
   1.  I loved it.  I could paint something that didn't take all day and had a beautiful resulting painting which of course, sold in their sale.
   2.  I joined an online daily painting group which inspired me further as I saw what others were doing.
   3.  I began to fill my kitchen wall w daily paintings which changed often as...
   4.  sales increased in my ebay gallery.
   5.  I found that my little photos of beach figures transferred perfectly to the snapshot size of a 6x6.
   6.  My students loved trying out the same thing.
   7.  I got a commission from an ebay buyer for even smaller paintings and discovered the idea of 'art cards' which were trading card size.
   8.  I got multiple commissions for clients who wished for me to paint from their own beach photos.  Below is one of the finished paintings.

2.  I went to France and stayed in an abby where an old friend is a sister.  I got to paint the beautiful countryside in Provence where the convent was. While there I met a French woman with a hideous painting on the side of her mini van.  With the help of a translator she asked if I could paint something on the side of her van to cover up that painting.  I tried to get out of it every which way and finally agreed to cover the old with a painting of Provence.  I had done several sketches prior to that so had some things to work from as well as looking out over the olive grove where the van was parked.  It had been 30 years since I had worked in acrylics and I gave it the old college try.  It turned out great and she was so pleased.  Now I can say I have a traveling show in France ! ha ha...Actually after that, I got tons of hits on my ebay site and blog from France as I am sure she shared the story of her new painting where ever she went.

3.  One of my students wanted to do a painting of umbrellas in the rain and brought in a file morgue photo to work from.  I didn't much like it and rearranged the figures and decided to try something out of the ordinary with it and try to create a real atmosphere of a rainy day.  It was very impressionistic as there were lots of lost edges as I drug the brush across well painted umbrellas and figures.  ( that is a jump for me as I want to work towards a painterly way of painting but my brain keeps wanting to paint things w perfect edges)  This idea gave me the push I needed to make the jump.  I have since been inspired to paint some cityscapes in the rain from my own town.  Finishing two that have both won entry into recent shows.

4.  Seeing the cityscapes and wanting something in that vein for his drum head, my son asked me to paint on his drum head ( the big one that you use a foot pedal for )  He also liked my big sky paintings.  My other son suggested a tornado. ( we are from Oklahoma, remember?)  Unable to decide, I told him I would surprise him.  I combined a rainy Tulsa with an approaching tornado.  I figured it would be perfect... his city, pitter patter drum/rain beats, and an approaching loud, exciting storm.
If you would like to visit my online gallery and bid on my latest daily painting, Click Here

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Blooming Vetch

To bid

I took a walk with my pup way down into a  hollow that spread out into a beautiful field the other day.  The temperature was perfect, there was every kind of wild flower blooming.  I even spotted a deer and watched while she considered if I was a friend or foe.  She decided to lean toward the safe side and got up from her hiding place and made it across the field and into the woods.  I thought it was such a beautiful place and the weather was perfect that I decided to  hike back up the hill and go get my painting supplies and come back  I completed two little sketches that I am very pleased with.  They both feature the 'weed,' vetch which turned the ground to a pretty violet where ever it sprang.

Monday, June 01, 2015

It was too pretty to pass up...

It was too pretty today to pass up an opportunity to paint.  I took my dog for a walk down on the back 40 and then decided that the weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect, the birds were singing and so we hiked back to the car, went home, got painting supplies and hiked back down to paint.  A beautiful day