Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Dome Arts Festival... What Fun!

The best artists at the festival join for a photo op.  Below are photos of Caryn Brown, mosaic artist, Louise Higgs, Jeweler/ceramic beadmaker, Margaret  Aycock, painter.  Dustin Pittsley, Jesse Aycock, Dylan Aycock, Scott Aycock, Caryln Shadd, Jay Lesikar, Rocky Frisco, Dave White, Mark Kykendall, Musicians

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A beautiful Oklahoma Sky...SOLD...

I am getting ready for what looks to be a rained out festival :-( Here is one of the littel sky paintings that I have been working on in my Oklahoma Sky series. It is a 6x6 oil on canvas. to see more of my work visit this little painting can be purchased here for $90 w free shipping.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Iris from my garden

I am working on a series of irises for an upcoming art show in Tulsa at the Blue Dome Arts Festival.  I will be in front of El Guapos and the May Rooms.  Of course everything will be for sale and if you would like to purchase one before the show let me know.  Each one is $80 .  specify which painting you want.  They are all 6x6 oil on stretched canvas.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Art Events for the Month of May

I have 4 art exhibits going this month.  The first is at Wild Fork Restaurant in Utica Square where 40 of my paintings are hanging for the month of May.  I am joined there by several of my students from TCC, Zieglers and one high school student who takes private lessons with me.  The rest of the exhibits occur during Mayfest where I will have two paintings hanging at the Invitational Gallery, one at the May Rooms and I will have a booth at the Blue Dome Festival.  I will be joined there by mosaic artist, Caryn Brown, stone carver, Richard Dreher, and jeweler/painter, Louise Higgs.  Since the space is small I will be selling very affordable 6x6 paintings.  There will be a series of local/regional musicians and Oklahoma skies.  I will also have Tulsa Spirit posters for sale and brick orders to raise funds for the next installment of the Tulsa Art Parkway.  If you haven’t seen the first installement, drive on up the street and visit it at Denver and Fairview.  As always, my work can be viewed and purchased at

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quartz Mountian High sponsored by OVAC

 Just got back from an awesome weekend at Quartz Mountian where I was asked to speak on the " art of selling art online" by OVAC Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.   I had a blast and got to meet some of Oklahoma's finest artists and teachers.  Not only did I have a great time in the workshop but also painting on site.  here are a few little paintings which, I might add are now hanging at my show at the Wild Fork in Tulsa.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wild Fork Show!

Hey everyone, I have about 40 paintings over at the Wild Fork Resteraunt in Utica Square.  Joining me are students, Cherica, Loray, Annie and Mc Kensie.  Check it out and why not just buy one?  They are priced to sell.

The first in a series of local/regional musicians... unfinished yet.Samantha Crain

This isn't quite finished and the photo isn't showing the greens properly but you get the idea.  This is the first coat.  I am working on a little series of local/regional musicians.  They are all 6x6 oils.  Both of my sons are musicians... Jesse Aycock  and Dylan Aycock 
( the Doldrums ) and my husband is also a musician and runs the local NPR radio show, Folk Salad  So I have lots of inspiration.  This photo is Samantha Crain You all should check out their music.  It is amazing!  Anyways, back to the paintings.... I am tweeking the pics w Photo Shop first and then drawing the tweeked photos onto canvas and then painting them.  Every now and then I need a little break from the florals which I will be painting like crazy since it has been raining for a solid week here and we are set for more.  There was a break yesterday long enough for me to go out and gather armloads of Iris, Peonies and Roses.  Boy does it smell good in my house!  Gotta get back to the painting.  If you know someone who would like a little photo of them painted in this manner.... send them to me.  I am thinking of charging $60 ea.  You may visit my online gallery at  and my blog at

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tulsa Lawyers Helping Artists!

Lawyers to aid artists, arts groups

By ALTHEA PETERSON, World Staff Writer
Published: 3/31/2009  2:24 AM
Last Modified: 3/31/2009  4:05 AM

Local leaders have announced "Tulsa Lawyers for the Arts," a new program that will provide legal assistance and educational programming to artists and arts organizations in Oklahoma for little to no cost.

What a great idea.  One for which I am very thankful..... Not that I need a lawyer right now but one never knows.  I think I can speak for the art community when I say we are grateful to Tulsa's fine lawyers for their gift to the art community ( and for buying our work :-)  Below is the news release from the Tulsa World.


According to a news release, the program draws inspiration from existing programs in other cities and also an effort to encourage local art and music.

Mayor Kathy Taylor said: "Art keeps a community vital and enhances the quality of life. It helps define our culture as a city."

Through the program, artists will be paired with participating attorneys to discuss legal issues and to resolve arts-related disputes outside traditional legal framework, including contracts, copyright and trademark issues, wills, trusts and estates, First Amendment issues, mediation and landlord-tenant issues.

For more information, call 584-5243 or go online to
By ALTHEA PETERSON, World Staff Writer

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dogwoods 11x14

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop this weekend given by Jo Anna Arnett as she was one of the featured artists at the Gilcrease Museum for their annual big show.  Over the weekend we had the opportunity to both paint outside in the beautiful grounds at the Gilcrease and painted still life sketches as well inside.  This is one of the sketches that I did this weekend.  I brought it home and did a bit more finishing details on it and here it is.  She uses a little bit different method for painting flowers which I enjoyed learning and will enjoy playing around with a bit.  I have this on auction on ebay this week or you can buy it now here for $125.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Osage Boys

Every now and then I take a break from the norm and play around with photoshop.  I took photos of my kids and then added one of my husband ( that is a little tricky to size right  )  and manipulated the phot using photoshop.  Then the next fun part.... Painting the photo onto canvas in oil.  I decided that i was having so much fun that I would offer to paint similar ones for the general population.  I charge only $200 for a 16x20 oil painting ( plus shipping if you are out of town )  contact me at artistswaygallery ( at )  I am trying to avoid spiders so I put the word ( at ) in place of @... To contact me put the @ back in it's usual place... don't know if I am wasting my time w trying to trick the trackers but it is worth a try.  Anyways you would email me your photo and I will email back to you the manipulated image for your approval before I start to paint.  Hope someone takes me up on this as I am itching to do another one:-)  If you want to see more of my formal portraits and still lifes and landscapes you can check out my ebay site here 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roses and Blood Oranges 16x20

Well I got to looking at the picture that I just posted below and decided to make some changes. Hopefully for the better. Can you see what changes I made? What do you think? Better? or Should'a left it alone? :-) go to my ebay store to bid.

Winter on the Osage $99

I think I already have a buyer for this little 6x6 oil painting but thought I would put it out here in cyber space anyways.  I have been getting ready for Mayfest and have been painting a lot of affordable 6x6 paintings mostly of Oklahoma skys and fun fruit, flowers and veggies.  Anyways if you would like to see some more of my work and actually bid on something.... you can check out my ebay gallery by clicking here 

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is the painting that we just finished in class.  I may refine it just a bit more, clean up some edges, bring out the tomato a bit but all in all a pretty nice little piece.  it measures 16x20 and is in my ebay gallery right now.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sunset on the Osage...16x20 Oil by Margaret Aycock

This is a sketch that I did for a larger painting that later went on a traveling exhibit as it represented my state in America Paints the Parks Exhibition.  This one is pretty too.  This is 16x20 oil on canvas.   I have put this and several other sketches and studies on auction this week on ebay.  I think this one's starting bid is $49.  You can click here to go to my ebay store.  Or click here to visit my blog

Monday, February 02, 2009

Carolina Surfer by Margaret Aycock

a pic of my little brother surfing... just put this on ebay... My brother is actually without hair and wanted this painting to have hair. you can see the original version of this painting below which is a little truer color... brighter like it is in real life. this was fun to paint 20x24 on stretched canvas

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Beautiful Blond by Margaret Aycock

Who knows what you'll find when you start cleaning out your studio.  This is one of many studies that I have done over the years from models hired by our portrait group.  This one is on auction this week through my ebay store

Sunday, January 04, 2009

SOLD...Pioneer Woman, original oil by Margaret Aycock

I like to use the masters as teaching tools. I get to teach my students measuring techniques which is pretty technical and then allow them the freedom to come up with a place, costume, hairstyle etc of their own choosing. This is this semester's attempt. It is on sale through my ebay site or by contacting me directly. it is 20x24 oil on canvas. $395

Saturday, November 29, 2008

SOLD......The Last Roses of Summer

I picked these last week when it was already officially winter. There was a freeze coming and I knew there was one small window of opportunity to squeeze in one more fresh flower painting. I love the way this one turned out. I put it in my ebay site with a starting bid of $99. It is 11x14 if I remember correctly. I will probably have it priced around $175 in my ebay gallery if it doesn't sell this week on auction. go to my ebay site here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our long awaited project becomes a reality!

If you remember several months ago I shared ... come to think of it this all started several years ago... time flies. Anyways our monument is finally going up at the south enterance to the neighborhood. It is our gift to the city of Tulsa and cronicles 4 eras in Tulsa's history beginning with pre statehood, oil boom, 50s-70s, and our vision for the future. I originally designed the panels. A couple of them were revised and enhanced by our mosaic artist, Caryn Brown. More pics to follow as the grouting and cap and landscaping get done. What a great project! Thanks to all who made this happen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beautiful Girl 16x20 oil on canvas by Margaret Aycock

This is one of several portrait sketches that I have in my ebay gallery right now. I paint portraits once a week with a group of artists. I have put a few of them on auction and the more finished ones live in my ebay gallery. I was very pleased with this one. To go to the gallery click here To access my blog click here

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Moonflower Fiddle by Margaret Aycock

Now for something completely different... A friend of mine builds and repairs violins. He asked for me to paint this blank and give it back to him to dress up properly. It will get all the goodies from him and be a beautiful, playable instrument soon. For more of my work check it out here and if you would like to go to my blog click here

Monday, July 07, 2008

Carolina Surfer 20x24 Oil Painting by Margaret Aycock

My brother, Bill is a surfer and since I am stuck out here in the middle of nowhere ( Oklahoma ) I had to rely on him to send me some great pics of him surfing. I miss the beach and this is about as close as I am going to get this year w the gas prices being what they are. Anyways this is a bit new for me so any feedback would be appreciated. I put this for sale as a giclee on ebay and then worked on it two more times today since I posted that picture and one more time since I posted this picture! The wave is a little higher and more rounded now. Let me know what you think. I will post the final pic on ebay tomorrow... You can check out my ebay site to see my more traditional work by clicking here.. ebay to find out more about me and my work go to my blog

Thursday, June 05, 2008

SOLD....Portrait of a Young Girl by Margaret Aycock

I love my portrait group in the summer because we get these lovely little models to sit for us. This is a portrait in oil on stretched 16x20 canvas. You can bid on this piece ( and lots of other paintings ) by clicking here to go to my ebay store

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Revisions to Magic Age

The New version.....

The old version
It is a never ending process. You can see what I assumed was a finished painting below this entry if you scroll down past a couple of other paintings. If you leave a painting with us too long it continues to get revised which is a good thing. After bringing this one home from the studio I decided to tone down the cup as it was gaining too much importance, make the book a bit bluer to echo the other blues above and then added a blue ribbon ( there had been a gold one there ) I also added one of my favorite black and white photos of a dancing woman in the back ground and toned down the stars. NOW it is done...... I think :-)
If this doesn't sell on ebay before April it will be headed for a big show up in Bartlesville. Looks great with the frame don't you think?

SOLS Irish Tea 6x6 Original Oil, Aycock daily painting

Irish Tea is one of the several 6x6 paintings that I just posted to my ebay gallery/store. I have a couple of series going.... one with tea cups and one with beach figures and another with fruits and vegetables. They look really great in groupings as many of you daily painting buyers already know. Anyways, to go to my gallery on ebay click here or to go to my painting blog click here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SOLD...Girl Friends on the Shore 6x6 oil on stretched canvas by Margaret Aycock

I have been having a lot of fun with these little beach paintings. They are kinda like littel snap shots of "What I did on my summer vacation" Anyways it makes me feel good to paint them and then i get to feel good all over again as I get to look at them. I also really enjoy it when someone else likes them enough to add them to their collection:-) If you would like to be one of them... check them out on my ebay auction. Click here

Sunday, March 02, 2008

SOLD....Nice group of 6x6s

I have been very busy! I got on a roll and decided to photograph this week's paintings together.. You may bid or purchase on ebay or contact me at

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yellow Bird 6x6 SOLD

I don't know about you all but I am ready for spring. I just had a new roof put on yesterday and last night they said another ice storm was coming through. My only hope is that the last ice storm took out so many of my trees that there is nothing left to fall on the house! Anyways... back to Spring.... I went to teach my adult painting class this morning and found this cute little bird perched up in one of the branches in a vase in the frame store next door. I picked it out of the tree, stuck it in a little still life and here he is.... I must say that taking a photo at night w/o proper lighting left this little guy a bit pale. He is really bright yellow. Anyways, I think I will pop this on ebay in a day or two. To check out my ebay site click here

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Magic Age Original Oil by Margaret Aycock

Please forgive me... I have been soooo busy lately trying to sell a house, do my taxes and work on a zoning issue with my studio that my only time for painting is my class time. I have been working for quite some time on this painting with my adult class. I think we started on this around Christmas and I think I can safely say that it is done ( you never know though... it grew marbles only today! ) Anyways this started as a thought.... The Magical time of childhood when you can create a house in the jungle with tv trays and sheets. A box can fly you to the moon. If you are fortunate enough to have a parent who loves to read to you, why whole new worlds open up. This painting is full of things that sparked my own imagination as a child. See if you can find some from your own childhood. I just put this on ebay today but I will probably enter it into a show or two as I really like it a lot and it is a small break from business as usual for me. If you are interested in visiting my ebay gallery click here.
My blog has more about me... click here and write me at

Monday, February 04, 2008

Girls' Day at the Beach

This is an original oil painting by me, Margaret Aycock. It is 8x8 on the deeper wrapped stretched canvas ( aprox 2" deep ) It can be hung or left free standing and is painted a complimentary blue on the sides. I just put this up for auction in my ebay site which can be accessed by clicking here. You can see more of my daily paintings and find out more about my work by clicking here