Monday, February 08, 2016

oops, I ripped your painting :-(.... And How To Repair a Torn Painting.

Well my husband was cleaning up and moving stuff the other day and something heavy fell onto my painting that was leaning against the wall.  I had painted it on a less expensive stretched canvas.  I have noticed these canvases are very easy to tear, almost like paper.  I still have some that I bought on sale once upon a time, and will probably continue to use them but try, in the future to spend a few dollars and get the better canvas, even for class demos.  This painting began as a class demo that I really liked and finished it out.  Well not wishing to crop out and re stretch this canvas, I sent my husband to Home Depot to buy some of that aprox /1/3 inch masonite type board.  Sorry I can't remember the proper name for it but I know many of my artist friends have been using it and gluing a nice linen on top for painting so I figure it would work to glue an already finished painting.  So that is what I did.  Here is the process:
The tear :-(

Get a big brush, mix up some wood glue with a little water and apply to both surfaces.

 This is what it looked like after I put it back together.  It took 3 applications of oil paint to kind of fill in the tear to bring it slightly above the surface which was then sanded.  After sanding, I then re painted that portion back to its pretty self.  It is now a much stronger surface than it was before the tearing.  Yippie!

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