Thursday, February 04, 2016

Octoberfest Ferris Wheel

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font-family: "trebuchet ms" , "helvetica" , sans-serif;">This painting was inspired by a photo that a friend posted ( Thanks, Dennis! )from an evening at Tulsa's Octoberfest.  I loved the sunset behind the ferris wheel.  I did this as both a demo and an experiment in my adult oil painting class.  I wanted to see if the old watercolor technique of using a liquid masking product would work on oil.  IT DID!... I painted the background yellow everywhere and allowed it to dry and then added the masking product to mask out the lighted metal bars and lighting around the tent and then painted right on top of it, the sky.  It was fun to peal it off and see the revealed bright yellow lines beneath the deep blue, black sky.

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