Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th Book Release! Painting the Landscape Outdoors and in the Studio

It is finally done... my book on painting the landscape.  This is a very affordable way for you to have a Provence, France painting experience with out having to leave the country.  I packed the book with lots of great tips, for painting outside and then even more for studio work.  I will help you pack for a successful plein air painting excursion... hats, no sunglasses.... changing light... bug spray.....I will help you get set up... sun? shade? how little can you carry and be able to have it all when  you are out in the field?

I will guide you through the thought process of seeing a great composition in nature and translating it to the canvas.

I also have a great homework section at the back of the book to keep you motivated and inspired.

The book retails for $23 but I will keep it at $20 through the blog.  If you are ordering from outside the country, I would appreciate an extra $5 to get it to you.  Any overage, I will pay myself.

To purchase, click the button under the picture of the cover of the book to the right.

Here is a little sample of a few pages that include some 1 1/2 hour sketches.

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