Monday, February 20, 2012

My husband is still in the hospital and so I am working from there. I am having a big auction all this week to help pay the bill. Thank God we just got new insurance and they will carry the weight of most of it but it is 6 days and counting so I know it is going to be huge. I just posted this on ebay:

 I promised my class an plein aire class session and found a pretty place on campus on Thursday to take them the following week.  Weather can change pretty quickly 'round these parts and the weekend turned wicked cold but by Tuesday we were all in T shirts again so I figured we would treck over to the pretty spot.  Unfortunately the cold wind knocked every last leaf off of all the trees except this one which was smaller and more protected maybe.  That worked out fine for us as that gave a nice violetish background for the bright yellow tree.  You know how we artists love to work w opposites on the color wheel.... at least I do.  I have this on auction this week along w about 45 other paintings.  you can check this one out here and then click the link to visit My Store in that link and you can see the other paintings both on auction and in my ebay gallery.  Click here to go to my painting

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