Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hospital Bill Sale on Ebay

My husband had a heart attack on Valentines day and we are both in the hospital.  I hear there is another heart attack when you get the bill so while we are here I decided to put everything I have on auction this week.  I am adding stuff a little at a time for the next few days.  If your favorite painting isn't in the mix, feel free to make me a good offer.  My husband is on the mend but a few complications are keeping us here for another few days... a very expensive bed and breakfast w/o any beautiful scenery :-(
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This particular painting was commissioned by the folks at Carpentree who supply religious art for Mardels.  They made a print from it and framed it so beautifully with a little cut out in the matt under each cup reading " Faith  Hope  Love
This is the original oil that was used to create the print

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