Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre Raphaelite Girl 16x20 oil on canvas

In my adult painting class we usually start with a master painting and use it as a jumping off point in which to do a work of our own.  Since I teach demonstration style I like to have the same source material available to all students which in an ideal world, would be a live model but in our case we are working with first time painters and there is a lot to teach about measuring, how to hold the brush, paint mixing, values, etc so it is easiest to work from photos.  I included 2 photos that we used to spark our imaginations.  It is remarkable to watch what everyone comes up with using the same photo.  We often find that there is a slight resemblance to the artist in the work.  Anyways, this one is on auction this week through ebay with a very low start price and no reserve.  

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