Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Vision of Poise and Beauty

This painting was inspired by a long ago sight.  I was a young girl going off to college and I was waiting in an airport for my flight when I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  She was very, very dark and very tall and slender.  Looking back now, I bet she was a model.  I just remember the way she carried herself with confidence and ease, a bright smile lit up her face.  Her sundress was crisp, clean and flouncy and moved prettily when she walked.  It was very light and full of flowers and made such a pleasing contrast to her ebony flesh.  I also remember her hair being very short which was something different in those times as many black people back in the 70s were sporting afros.  Anyways I often think of that sight and how happy and young she was, full of life and possibility and I thought it might be fun to try to recapture that image on canvas.  It is not nearly as pretty as she was but I had fun playing with the idea.  Because this is such a departure from my usual fare, it has a very low start price with no reserve.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

bidding starts at $14!

I had a big artsy sale at my house over the holidays and invited all my art pals to participate.  I still have a few more fun little things for sale that I am putting on ebay.  This is a print on paper on board of a larger piece that I did for the Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition earlier this year.  I really like the bright, cheery nature of my cute great niece, Avery who is the sunglassed girl in the picture.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Jimson Weed Violin

I have a friend who is a luthier .  He thought it would be fun to paint on a blank violin and I agreed!  This is one of my favorite painting which just happens to not be on a stretched canvas.  I just reduced the price of this masterpiece on my ebay site. :-)  To visit my ebay gallery and possibly bid on this painting/instrument click here  My pal will totally dress this out to a playable violin for you too!  While you are here check out  my books on painting either the still life or landscape in oil.   These books are full color, step by step, and written in a very easy to understand way.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Pewter, Pears, Brusselsprouts

Pewter, Pears, .. and then Brusselsprouts
This was a painting that I just completed in my adult class.  I stuck it on Ebay this morning and it is open for bids.   Happy Bidding!  Click here to visit my Ebay site where you can bid or browse through the rest of my ebay gallery.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

SOLD ! Ode to the Dusk Painting by me and poem by Scott both in our book, In Tandem


People, like fire, burn at both ends
until all that has been borrowed on this earth
turns to ash.

Smoke and spirit mix in the twilight of our lives,
and the warrior sings one more ode to the dusk,
lifting voice with the nighthawk and coyote,
crying out to the amber light and turquoise sky.

He paints himself the color of sunset.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things

Remember 'The Sound of Music?'  This painting was created after the song in that movie called , I think, 'Favorite Things."  Can you find some of the things from the song?
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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Spray of Cardinals

This painting and its corresponding poem were in our recent show in Tulsa, OK.  To bid or visit my ebay gallery, Click Here


Looking out my window to the backyard,
cup of coffee in hand,
winter apple tree, for an instant, seems ripe with fruit. 

It is a desire for the return of spring that brings on this illusion. 

Closer examination reveals
cardinals scattered among the branches.   

Their crimson silhouettes,
stand, most brilliant against the bleak, washed sky.

For months, I have looked out on this scene--
Grey sky,
grey fence,
grey branches. 

Rooftops of neighboring houses are degrees of grey. 

My eyes now, weary of grey, are delighted by this late winter offering. 

I become aware that I am cupping my coffee in both hands,
as though receiving Eucharist.

Then, in a flash of red, the tree ignites in winged flight.

Startled, I blink, and everything is the same again, only different. 
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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Stepping into Fall

Another painting from our show with the poem, " We Walk," written by Scott Aycock


We are on retreat—
a cabin in the woods.

Leaving behind cell phones, and computers—
we walk.

The path is wide, clearly marked—
no getting lost.

We feel at ease on this unfamiliar path,
whereas, back home, in the city
familiarity seeds boredom,
and yes, sometimes resignation.
Trodden paths turn to ruts,
roots are exposed,
like fingers pointing.
We are lost.

For now, though,
in tandem,
we walk.
me in front
and then pausing
to observe a mushroom,
or catch my breath,
she will take the lead. 

Out here, cooperation, not competition,
Rules the day.
I offer a hand crossing a creek,
and stopping to rest,
she offers me water and a smile.

Still we are cautious, but curious.
New trails are like that,
only a hint of what lies ahead.
We walk.

It is mid-September and already,
the sun sits lower in the sky.
Slant light is warm, almost hot,
as the trail steers us into one of the many grassy clearings.

On this high plane
we walk
among blue stem, cacti, and crimson-crowned sumac.

The path gives way and dips into deep shadows.

I stop before wading into
She steps beside me,
her arm brushes mine.

Standing there, she whispers,
“can you feel it?  It’s like leaving summer and walking into fall.”

True, the heat gives way abruptly,
cool moist air rushes up the descending path.
Stepping under the canopy
there is a hushed silence.
Instinctively, I reach for her hand and
we walk.

SOLD! Peonies

Snakes Painting by me.... Poem by Scott

My husband, Scott and I recently had a month long show at a local gallery.  My husband is a poet, and I, of course, the painter.  Each painting had a corresponding poem.  This one had a great poem about a little boy falling asleep on a hot Sunday at church.    To visit my ebay gallery, click the link to gallery.


Sunday mornings
Southern Baptists
Summer heat
All those “S’s” hissing!

In the garden, preacher warned,
“Snakes will lull you to sleep.”

My head in grandmother’s lap

Twirling fans,
suspended from the ceiling.
Never pushing air enough…
                hearing voice,
not words…
                rising, falling
                    rising, falling.

The stroke of her fingers
tongue at my neck
in my ear

Preacher’s voice
distant and hollow
    as though listening underwater,                                          
to a voice calling
                softly, tenderly
                   rising, falling
                hissing in my ear
sleep. . . sleep. . .  ssssssss . . . .

Snakes by Margaret Aycock oil on canvas

My husband, Scott and I recently had a month long show at a local gallery.  My husband is a poet, and I, of course, the painter.  Each painting had a corresponding poem.  This one had a great poem about a little boy falling asleep on a hot Sunday at church.  To read the poem feel free to click the link to my blog.  To visit my ebay gallery, click the link to gallery.