Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Snakes Painting by me.... Poem by Scott

My husband, Scott and I recently had a month long show at a local gallery.  My husband is a poet, and I, of course, the painter.  Each painting had a corresponding poem.  This one had a great poem about a little boy falling asleep on a hot Sunday at church.    To visit my ebay gallery, click the link to gallery.


Sunday mornings
Southern Baptists
Summer heat
All those “S’s” hissing!

In the garden, preacher warned,
“Snakes will lull you to sleep.”

My head in grandmother’s lap

Twirling fans,
suspended from the ceiling.
Never pushing air enough…
                hearing voice,
not words…
                rising, falling
                    rising, falling.

The stroke of her fingers
tongue at my neck
in my ear

Preacher’s voice
distant and hollow
    as though listening underwater,                                          
to a voice calling
                softly, tenderly
                   rising, falling
                hissing in my ear
sleep. . . sleep. . .  ssssssss . . . .

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