Thursday, August 24, 2017

Turkish Figs in Conversation

We are still working small in my adult class.  Today's subject, Turkish Figs.  Don't they kind of look like they are in conversation?

Once upon a time a friend had a friend who brought his fig tree cuttings from the old country.  He spread them around to friends and years passed and one of those friends gifted me with a cutting.  10 years later our fig tree is going strong.  We painted these today and then shared the fresh figs with my class who all had only experienced figs by having them in fig newton form.  The fresh ones are a tasty delight.  This one is on auction this week w the starting bid of $43 and FREE shipping.  I also have a painting that starts at $33 this week.  If you can find it on my ebay gallery site, it could be yours.  Decided to put a few lower priced things on this week just for fun.  Adding some new ones each day.
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