Sunday, October 21, 2012

A walk in the Osage

Yesterday was magic.  The weather was as close to perfect as it could be and I felt a need to get out into nature.  Since my husband, Scott, is also a painter now, we both decided to take our painting supplies and head down the road to a parcel of land that we have access to.  As luck would have it, we brought most of the supplies but realized we left our brushes back at home.  As we walked for hours we talked about all the beauty we might have missed, had we plunked our selves down in front of one of these beautiful scenes.  Instead we got tons of exercise, explored new paths, saw 9 turkeys and countless deer, gathered wild, red berried branches from holly bushes to bring home to grace our table.  Who knows though... some of these photos will probably become paintings as we are kind of on a roll with Oklahoma landscape paintings.

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