Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Beautiful Iris 8x10 oil

I recently received notice that my proposal for a one woman show at the state capital was accepted and with that acceptance came a wonderful grant to help me prepare for the show.  I plan to do a series of Oklahoma landscapes and where better to start but my own back yard.  I have done several garden sketches and some finished paintings of some of the flowers growing there.  This is one of my favorites.  It is on auction ( sorry the price isn't reduced as much as I like to do on my ebay site but this one is scheduled for the capital show so I don't feel as free to reduce the price on it till after the show.... of course if it sells before the show.... well, it will be one less thing to haul to Oklahoma City :-)  To visit my auction on ebay click here  I have a lot of other paintings that have been greatly reduced for the auction.  Check back daily as new ones move out of the ebay gallery and on to the auction daily. 

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