Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Shining City 8x10 oil $150

They tore out a lot of houses near my neighborhood in order to make way for the expansion of a near by university.  As luck would have it, that never happened and so we are left with beautiful grassy hills with lots of shade trees that is kept mowed by our city.  It provides me a wonderful place to paint with out having to go much further than my own back yard.  From there I once caught a beautiful glimpse of my city as billowing clouds filled the sky and the sun began to set.  This is the result.  I put it on my ebay auction this week along with a huge amount of my other paintings ( ebay had a great listing sale )  There are a lot of my daily paintings on the site along w larger works.  my ebay gallery is at  Just for kicks, I put 2 paintings in my gallery on auction for under $10 with no reserve.  find them and bid for a great bargain!

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