Thursday, June 15, 2006

Recent Shows

Hey Everyone,
It occured to me that some of you might live in the area and might be interested in this. I currently have a small show at Lolas down on Main and Brady. This is a portrait show. Lolas is a great place, wonderful food, music and staff..... and then of course, there is Lola :-)

My son, Dylan who is on tour this summer has left a show of his art work for us to remember him by while he is gone. His work can be seen at the very cool, Shades of Brown Coffee house on Peoria and 33rd. I have some of his abstracts in my ebay store as well. You can see if he will be in your town by going to his my space. He is touring with Mar. His band is The on the link in this site to catch up with him.

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