Friday, August 09, 2013

Louise in the Prairie 16x20 oil

If you leave a painting too long in the studio, you begin to notice things that you could do to make it a better painting.  I pulled this one out and revisited it the other day.  I changed the figure slightly and cleaned up a couple of spots in the mid-ground.  This was painted from a couple of photos, one from the prairie above Turner Falls in Oklahoma and one from my own back yard where my friend, Louise had borrowed my red shawl and was looking over my garden, w my husband, Scott.  I thought she looked so pretty with that red against all the spring green in my back yard garden.  I combined the pair of photos to get to this painting.  It is on ebay auction for about 6 more hours today with a very low start price and no reserve.  click below to visit this painting and to see other daily paintings and larger pieces that I have on auction this week.  PS... the yellows in the painting are brighter than this photo shows.
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