Monday, August 05, 2013

Daily Studies

I Love how these little paintings look in groups.  At one time, last year, I had around 12 or 15 of them hanging in my kitchen.  They, of course, changed daily as one would sell and a new one or two would be painted.  I taught a mini workshop on painting them at the new Arts And Humanities Council in downtown Tulsa last fall and have been invited back to do two more of them this fall.  It is a great way to teach many of the skills needed for a larger oil painting endeavor, in a shorter period of time.  My students, last time were a mix of novices and artists skilled in other mediums.  They all had a blast and I must say, most of them walked away with a sellable piece at the end of the session.  Looking forward to doing the same this fall.  Anyways, I have quite a few of these on auction this week.  Here is a link to one of them which will gain you access to the whole gallery on ebay. ( some auction and some fixed listings )
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