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Welcome to my art blog where I post recent photos of my work and journal about my life as an artist.  I live and work in Tulsa Oklahoma, although I come from the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY.  It is from my early life in those mountains that I developed a love of the natural world.  I hope my paintings reflect that love.  I now paint the trickling streams, vast prairies, and the endless skies of the Tall Grass Prairie.  I love the small, daily paintings that I call, " Kitchen Paintings," including fruits, veggies, and flowers  harvested from my backyard garden.  

Since I teach demonstration style, I often include this week’s demo in my blog.  I also publish advice to my students, and artists in general, and journal on living an artistic life which, for me includes involvement in the writing and music scene as my sons and husband are all musicians/ singer/songwriters/composers and poets.  I also love to forage and teach about the value of local wild plants, both for use as food and medicinally.  I am still a student of wildcrafting and love to keep on learning from those who have a pioneer, Native American background in Oklahoma.  I recently wrote  and illustrated a children's book on foraging which can be purchased here on my blog.

I also have two other books that teach the oil painting process. a book on painting the landscape en plein air and in the studio where I explore the plein air portion in painting the countryside of Provence, France and a book on painting the still life.  I have published several teaching DVDs which can also be purchased through this website.

A couple of brags...
In the fall of 2015 my husband and I were given the honor of a show at the Tulsa Artist Coalition Gallery.  We entitled the show, 'In Tandem."  as it was a collaboration of poetry and paintings.  From that we produced a tiny book of the same called , " In Tandem."  

In the summer of 2012 I had the honor of being invited to have a one woman show at our state capital, Governor’s Gallery.  

My painting, “ Welcome to the Tall Grass Prairie,” was chosen to represent our state in the “ America Paints the Parks,” traveling exposition several years ago.

 I have operated an online gallery for over 17 years and have been represented in numerous physical galleries across the country, presently in Doran Gallery, Tulsa.  

In my working life,  besides painting, I  have an artist residency at our local hospital where I work on the high risk pregnancy unit and a rehab unit.  I taught  adult oil painting for over 16 years at our local college and presently through Zieglers, Gilcrease Museum and Arts and Humanities Council in Tulsa.

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