Thursday, August 18, 2016

SOLD ! Red Crepe Myrtle 8x10 oil

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These quick studies are often my favorite paintings.  I think they more fully capture the moment in time, what caused me to paint it in the beginning.  I painted this a couple of days ago after working on a larger piece.  I had to run out for a minute and upon reentering my neighborhood I was struck for the 2nd or 3rd time by this pretty tree, but this time it was a cloudy, cool day in the middle of summer and I had the entire day to do whatever I wished.  I drove home, grabbed up my pallet and headed back out, hoping to beat the rain.  I was able to paint in my car and sit through the drizzle.  Anyways, I really loved the outcome and didn't want to paint any further on it when I got home.  I love the quick brush strokes and the unfinished look at the bottom of the painting.

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