Monday, March 21, 2016

Picking Sand Plums in Rural Oklahoma

This painting began after a wildcrafting trip in rural Oklahoma where Jackie Dill lead a group of us to her favorite haunts and shared Native American recipes, Here we are foraging for wild plums.  I loved how the sun fell across a young woman in our group as she reached for more plums.  I said, " Wait!  Hold that pose!  Snapped a few photos and used them later in the studio to create this painting.  This painting started out as a stretched canvas that later got ripped when my husband was cleaning up.  On my blog I go through the process of repairing it and putting it on a board.  To bid on the painting, click here
Want to see how to repair a canvas?  Click here but scroll down the page till you get to the repair step by step.  Click here
oil painting, landscape, girl picking flowers, sand plums, art, oklahoma

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