Wednesday, May 21, 2014

more peonies and primroses

set up in an east facing window

Transparent wash with general shapes and colors
Start adding opaque paint with areas of medium values and then darkest values within those larger medium value shapes.  Try to hold on to the beautiful transparent lights where you can and where they benefit the work.
Soften some edges and sharpen those in the focal point area/areas.  Sometimes less is more in my book anyways.  I don't like to have things look to tightly rendered.  I am going for a more painterly look in my work..... sometimes achieving my goal.

I think I am done painting peonies for the season.  This is my 10th painting, and I believe it will be my last till this time next year.  For those of you who are artists I thought I would include the process.  Although it is an oil painting, it starts out very much like a watercolor.  With peonies you have to work fast.  You pretty much have one day per painting as by the next day they have started to droop.  It sure is nice to stand on my breezy back porch and breath in the scent of all these beautiful flowers and then on top of that, get to paint them!  This painting and the others are in my ebay gallery.  I will sporadically put them on auction from time to time as I do my other paintings.  As always, you are free to make an offer, especially if you desire more than one painting.
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