Saturday, January 11, 2014

Air bnb moves to the Aycock Home and Studio

For years we host traveling musicians in our home for free when they do a house concert with us so we are kind of used to having strangers ( who quickly become friends ) in our home.  Years ago we also converted our basement into a private apartment which we rented out on a yearly basis.  After a neighbor turned us on to #airbnb and after our son traveled Europe staying with airbnb folks all across the world we thought we would give it a try.  So any of you who happen to come to Tulsa and need a place to stay should check out our little airbnb apartment.   The studio, upstairs is open by appointment and if you pick the right weekend you get to be our guests at one of our house concerts.  We don't have them every weekend.  You can check schedules at  For info about saving your space at the apt  click here to find out more

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