·         Over 30 years as a practicing, professional oil painter
·         Over 30 years teaching the art of oil painting to adults through workshops, 17 years at TCC, and at Zieglers
·         Over 17 years teaching art to children though the Arts and Humanities Council, Gilcrease Museum, and privately
·         Over 15 years as artist in residence at Kaiser Rehab and Peggy V. Helmerich Women’s Center
·         Author of two how-to paint books and a children’s book on foraging, several oil painting instructional DVDs

Self taught                                                                                                                                            to Present
Jo Anna Arnett Impressionist Workshop                                        Tulsa,OK                               2009
Jonnie Lielidal Old Masters style Workshop,                                 Tulsa, OK                              2000
Xaing Zaing  Portrait Workshop                                                      Tulsa, OK                              2000
Impressionist Oil Painting with Virginia Jarboe                            Tulsa, OK                             1980, 1990
Watercolor with Hugh Wakinshaw                                                 Tulsa, OK                              1980
Bachelor of Fine Arts (emphasis in painting)  ORU                      Tulsa, OK                              1978
Apprentice Oil Painting with John Szekes                                       Myrtle Beach, SC                1978

Pecha Kucha Artist INC                                                                     Tulsa, OK                              2016
Alpha Roa Tah Art Organization                                                     Tulsa, OK                              2006, 2016
Speaker for Articulate (OVAC)                                                         Oklahoma                             2010
OVAC Professional Artists Workshop                                             Quartz Mt, OK                     2009
Dedication of Tulsa Spirit Monument                                             Tulsa, OK                              2008
Utica Square, Art in the Square                                                        Tulsa, OK                              1997-present
International Mayfest Invitational                                                  Tulsa, OK                              1995-Present
Tulsa Artist Coalition, “In Tandem”                                               Tulsa, OK                              2016
Governor’s Gallery, OK State Capital                                            OKC, OK                              2012
America Paints the Parks                                                                 Traveling show                     2007

2nd place Alpho Rho Tau Plein Aire                                               Tulsa, OK                              2018
OVAC Community Artist Partnership Grant                                Tulsa, OK                              2018
Oklahoma’s Artist Inc participant                                                 Tulsa, OK                              2016
Artist Studio Tour                                                                            Tulsa, OK                              2005, 2016
TAC Painting and Poetry “ In Tandem”  awarded in 2014         Tulsa, OK                              2015
One Woman Show, Governor’s Gallery OKC                              OKC, OK                               2012
OVAC Creative Projects Grant (Tulsa Spirit Monument)          OKC, OK                               2011
2nd place painting Mayfest Invitational                                        Tulsa, OK                              1990

Trees at Tulsa PAC                                                                          Tulsa, OK                              2018
One Woman Show Chrysalis                                                         Tulsa, OK                              2017
Oklahoma Heart Hospital                                                             Tulsa, OK                              2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017
OVAC 12x12                                                                                    OKC, OK                               2006-2017
Oklahoma Artist League                                                                Tulsa, OK                              2015
TAC Member Show                                                                        Tulsa, OK                              2013-1015
Living Arts “Oh Tulsa”                                                                   Tulsa, OK                              2011, 2015
One Woman Show, Wild Fork                                                       Tulsa, OK                              2006, 2015

Oklahoma Artists League                                                                                                                  2014-present
Daily Painters ( online )                                                                                                                      2006-present
Art of Healing Board                                                                          Tulsa, OK                              2003-present
OVAC                                                                                                                                                    2000-present
Tulsa Artist Coalition                                                                          Tulsa, OK                              1991-present
Women Artists of the West ( regional )                                                                                            2008-09
Brady Heights Art Pkwy Committee                                               Tulsa, OK                              2004-2010
Oil Painters of America ( national )                                                                                                  2004 and 2007, 2008

Doran Gallery                                                                                       Tulsa                                      Present
The Artery                                                                                             Tulsa                                      Present
Midwest Fine Art                                                                                 Online                                    2000-Present
Arts Limited Gallery /part owner                                                      Tulsa, OK                              1997-99 closing
ERL Originals                                                                                       Winston Salem, NC             1988-closing (1999)

Hillcrest 100 year Mosaic Design and facilitate creation            Tulsa, OK                              2018
Created 4 large paintings for a Children’s home in Arkansas     Bentonville, AR                   2011
Worked with Caryn Brown, Mosaic Center of Universe              Tulsa, OK                             2011      
Worked with Brady Heights Art Parkway ( design )                     Tulsa, OK                           2004-2010

Artist in Residence Hillcrest Women’s Center                                Tulsa, OK                             2010 to present
Artist in Residence at Kaiser Center                                                 Tulsa, OK                            2003-to present
Adult Painting Lessons at Zieglers                                                    Tulsa, OK                            1997-present
Gilcrease Museum family art program                                           Tulsa, OK                              2011
Adult and Teen Oil Painting at Gilcrease Museum                       Tulsa, OK                              2006-2011
TCC Painting I and II teacher                                                          Tulsa, OK                              99 and 01- 2014
Artists in the Schools, Arts and Humanities Council                    Tulsa, OK                              1996-2013
Department of Justice at risk children program                             Tulsa, OK                              1998-99

In Tandem poetry and paintings  (illustrated, wrote)                                                                     2015
Claire Goes Foraging Children’s book (wrote, illustrated)                                                            2015
Illustrations/Photos for These Stones book of Poetry by Scott Aycock                                        2013
Painting The Landscape Plein Air and in the Studio with Margaret Aycock                                 2013
Fox Hole Radio CD cover/insert design                                                                                          2010
Painting the Impressionist Still Life with Margaret Aycock                                                            2009
Margaret Aycock Paints the Still Life                                                                                             2006
Margaret Aycock Paints Bouguereau’s Le’Attente                                                                      2006
Margaret Aycock Paints Reflective Objects                                                                                  2008
Margaret Aycock Paints the Portrait in Oil                                                                                   2011

Arts and Healing Board at Hillcrest                                                 Tulsa, OK                            2003-Present
Board Member Arts and Humanities Concept 100                      Tulsa, OK                              2007-2010
Art Parkway Committee                                                                    Tulsa, OK                            2004-2010
Chair for the Arts Parkway Committee                                          Tulsa, OK                             2006-2014

ONLINE PRESENCE  ( my artist blog) (ebay gallery) ( group daily painter blog)
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