Ebay Gallery

I have run a successful Ebay Gallery for over 15 years now.  I often put my studies and even larger paintings on auction there every week.  I keep a gallery of full price ( yet discounted from physical galleries ) paintings in my https://www.ebay.com/usr/artistswaygallery ebay gallery.  Check it out often to snatch up the great deals before anyone else.  Every now and then I put a painting on auction for a penny just for fun and to bring people into the gallery.

I am also experimenting with ACEO art trading cards which are a great way to start collecting art with out having to spend a lot of money as are my series of 6x6 oils.

 In my gallery you will also see the work of a couple other artists.  Alice Hurlbert has been with me for many years, selling her wonderful wildlife realistic oil paintings.  Raney Rogers is a painter from the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC and is a newer member of our happy group.  Every now and then you may also find student pieces on my site as I teach painting lessons through out Tulsa and offer that possibility to my students. 

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