Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2 class assignements in my adult class

This is a painting that I just completed ( I think ) in my adult class.  I demo the process to my students.  We all start with the same photograph and each of us manipulates the photo and background to please us.  My girl ended up on a bluff in Ireland.  She now has long red,brown hair and is younger than the girl in the photo.  Anyways here she is and if you would like to bid on her, you can by clicking here
I have several other paintings on auction this week as well. 

On another note all together, I thought I would post a cool painting one of my students just completed in our " self portrait " assignment. I really liked it.  to begin she laid on the floor while another student arranged her hair and took her photo.  We then manipulated the photo using photoshop.  I love photoshop!  Great job, Tina!

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